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How do I return my scrap batteries to Manbat?

Written on October 25, 2013 at 8:39 am

How do I return my scrap batteries to Manbat?

The Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2011 require that you must be registered with the Environment Agency as a producer of hazardous waste, if you produce more than 500kg of hazardous waste per annum. Examples of hazardous waste are batteries, fluorescent tubes, oil filters, tyres, waste engine oil etc. The current registration cost is £18 per site, once registration has been carried out you will be issued with a premises code, this must be quoted when requesting waste collections.

You must telephone your local Manbat branch and they will request you complete a ‘Request for Scrap Battery Collection – Haz Form 2’ and return to the branch. We can make regular, small collections from your site; alternatively if you have the necessary storage space, we can provide a specific waste battery container for bulk collections (this is subject to a minimum scrap volume).

Manbat can assist you with your Environmental compliance and carry out the registrations on your behalf; we will manage this on going to ensure that you remain compliant. Manbat charges £25 for annual fees to make sure you are fully complaint. If you would like this service, please complete and return a ‘Hazardous Waste Registration Request – ‘Haz Form 1’.

When the batteries have been collected you will be issued with a hazardous waste consignment note, this must be retained for 3 years in the event that the Environment Agency require proof that you have legally arranged disposal of your hazardous waste.

CTEK Chargers, a great winter offer

Written on October 25, 2013 at 8:38 am

CTEK are undoubtably the leading brand of chargers in the U.K. and as vehicles are parked up for the winter leaving batteries idle for months on end, the only way to ensure they are ready to go come the spring is by using an intelligent battery charger and you won’t find a better one than CTEK.

Once again CTEK have announced that a CTEK charger has been awarded ‘Best Buy’ title for the third time in a row by Car Mechanics Magazine. Recognised for its robust build quality and charging & maintenance features, the CTEK charger beat off stiff competition to retain its crown. Ten chargers were tested for practicality, speed, features and accuracy. The charger performed strongly overall and was specifically commended for its ability to deliver a
charge to the battery safely whilst it is still connected to the vehicle, as well as its dedicated AGM/Cold weather modes. The award is testament to the unique multi-stage charging characteristics of the charger and flexibility of functions that are incorporated across our entire range of smart chargers.

Manbat are running a fantastic special offer on CTEK chargers so enable you to buy these quality chargers at a good price when you need them.


Written on October 25, 2013 at 8:37 am

The company behind the brand VARTA launch the first 48-volt lithium ion micro hybrid battery.

Johnson Controls, the world’s leading supplier of automotive batteries, unveiled its first-generation 48-volt Lithium-ion Micro Hybrid battery at the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt, Germany. The new battery is part of the company’s full spectrum of advanced energy storage solutions for the automotive sector. “We expect this technology to play an integral role in meeting aggressive fuel economy and emission reduction targets,” said Ray Shemanski, vice president and general manager of the Original Equipment Group for Johnson Controls Power Solutions.

Leveraging a dual voltage architecture, Johnson Controls’ Micro Hybrid battery system will involve a 12-volt starter battery and a 48-volt Lithium-ion battery that enables optimization of energy generation and consumption. Johnson Controls’ Micro Hybrid technology has the potential to provide up to 15 percent fuel savings in vehicles and is available for testing with key automotive customers this December. “Micro Hybrid systems will be able to support the automotive industry’s needs at a much lower cost than hybrid or electric vehicles and therefore, offer a mass-production solution that can be leveraged across our customers’ fleets,” said Shemanski.

The 48-volt battery is designed with the capacity to quickly capture energy from braking and can support higher loads such as air-conditioning and active chassis technologies. The 12-volt battery will continue to provide power to the vehicle starter, interior and exterior lights and entertainment systems such as radios and DVD players.

The prismatic Lithium-ion cells and complete systems for the Micro Hybrid battery prototypes will be made at Johnson Controls advanced manufacturing facility in Holland, Mich. The battery is designed with standardized components and size to help drive scale and minimize cost. “We expect Micro Hybrid technology will be adopted in Europe first, due to more stringent fuel economy and emissions standards and then quickly move to U.S. markets in the next few years with global adoption starting in 2020,” said Shemanski.

Manbat prepares for a cold winter

Written on October 25, 2013 at 8:33 am

We won’t compromise on quality or service no matter how cold it gets.

As we approach ‘busy season’ in the battery industry, our sole focus at this time is to make sure we are prepared for the winter period, no matter what the weather throws at us. In anticipation of some early cold weather we have some incredible winter stock deals, available now, to help you prepare.

During the last two winters we have had some very cold weather with temperatures below freezing for prolonged periods of time and there are predictions of there being early frosts this year.

Weak or failing batteries are affected by the sub-zero temperatures and more often than not a weaker battery’s life will end in such conditions.

This in turn creates a huge demand for batteries in the aftermarket industry and Manbat are here to help businesses make sure they have what they need in terms of battery stocks and when they need them. With over 100,000 square feet of fully stocked warehouses and our own fleet of more than 70 delivery vehicles we are able to service your every battery requirement.

With our ‘signature’ three brands VARTA, Lucas and Numax, all from European O.E. factories, we have a superior quality solution that nobody else can offer. VARTA is completely unmatched with regards to technology and quality. Lucas is a brand that is widely recognised and associated with premium quality and will sit with other premium products under the same brand name, bulbs, wipers etc. creating the UK’s most widely recognised multi product brand offering. Finally we have the Numax brand that is wholly owned and promoted by us which once again offers only the very best in quality and performance.

During November Manbat is running some incredible winter deals on all of our brands and product lines to give you the opportunity to purchase your winter stock before the cold weather hits. To find out more please contact your local Manbat branch, or your Manbat BDM.