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Manbat Industrial to exhibit at IMHX

Written on July 8, 2016 at 2:21 pm

Manbat Industrial division will be exhibitng at this years IMHX Trade show in Birmingham at the NEC from 13th -16th September. We will be exhibitng in partnership with TAB batteries, and will be showcasing an array of products including; US Batteries, Sonnenchien,SPE High Frequency chargers, Fronius chargers and much more. Come and see us on Stand 11N41.


Manbat VRM Battery Finder

Written on July 8, 2016 at 2:15 pm

Manbat have recently introduced their very own VRM battery lookup website. The site allows users to search for the correct battery for their vehicle which also includes motorcycle. Searching by using the registration, make/model or chassis number users will have access to valuable vehicle information and battery specifications. In addition Manbat customers have access to a Trade Login section which allows them access to in depth battery fitting guides. The site is totally free to use and is a valuable asset for industry traders.

The site continues to grow with a wealth of valuable information for users and Manbat customers. Soon the site will offer even more  features, such as a HGV lookup and even a leisure battery finder section.



A Clear Winner

Written on December 10, 2015 at 3:25 pm

Glass manufacturer Saint-Gobain is seeing instant returns after upgrading to a high-efficiency Fronius charging system from Manbat.

When you look at a modern skyscraper, there’s a fair chance that its glass was created by Saint-Gobain. Over some 350 years, the company has grown from a Parisian mirror maker to one of the world’s leading flat-glass manufacturers, with customers across 24 countries.

At any one time, the company’s UK operation, in Eggborough, Yorkshire, has  thousands of tonnes of industrial glass on site.

Awarded the titles of Britain’s Best Factory (2005) and Britain’s Best Processing Plant (2008), its heavy lifting is carried out by electric Hubtex loaders. With each truck weighing up to 40 tonnes fully laden, the fleet has a huge appetite for power – supplied by batteries measuring two metres square. To keep production moving around the clock, Saint-Gobain’s 16 charging bays are in constant use, making energy bills a critical cost centre.

High-frequency options

Clearly, savings on battery and charging costs can quickly add up, so when Saint-Gobain’s materials handling supplier suggested a switch to high-frequency charging, facilities manager Richard Simpson was keen to take a close look at the figures, and explore all the options.

As well as the standard high-frequency chargers offered by the dealer, Saint-Gobain decided to trial the new Fronius Ri-charge technology recommended by the battery experts at Manbat Industrial Power Systems.

Richard took both chargers on a month’s trial, so that he could gauge the level of performance and savings Saint-Gobain could expect when stacked against the current setup.

When he recorded energy usage over the course of the week, the winner was clear.

60% saving – 16-month payback

“The standard high-frequency charger had achieved a reasonable saving – 65.9 kWh per charging cycle compared to our previous average of 107.2 kWh – but the Fronius was in another league,” recalls Richard.

“The consumption of 40.2 kWh per cycle meant we were saving over 60% compared to our old chargers.”

Although the Fronius chargers were the slightly more expensive option, the tests showed they could pay for themselves in around 16 months. And since all the charging stations have been converted to Fronius, the actual savings have been better still – suggesting the investment should turn a profit in just 67 weeks.

Clarity on waste battery definition

Written on December 10, 2015 at 2:29 pm

Clarity at last on waste battery definition

After years of confusion on the definition of a portable battery the Government has finally clarified that only batteries weighing 4kg and under will be classified as portable.

Manbat’s sister company, G & P Batteries hopes this news will reduce the huge disparity between the number of lead acid batteries being placed on and appearing to be taken off the market.

As a leading waste battery collector, G & P has been concerned for some years about the over-dependence on lead acid batteries by the UK in meeting its portable battery recycling targets. With the definition of a portable battery now clear, the company hope to see more efforts being made to recycle a wider range of battery chemistries which will bring the UK into line with the recycling activities in other European countries.

Before the clarification, industrial batteries weighing between 4kg and 10kg were often classed as portable batteries, depending on their size, shape and appearance, which caused the disparity in figures under the Waste Battery Regulations.

Noco GB40 Boost

Written on December 10, 2015 at 2:21 pm


Noco GB40 Boost

New more powerful model for diesel and high-displacement engines,but still safe on engines of all sizes. The GB40 is a portable, pocket sized lithium-ion jump starter for 12-volt vehicles with single battery systems. It can safely jump start a dead battery in seconds for such applications as a car, boat, motorcycle, ATV, Motorhome, lawn mower, truck and more. The GB40 is powered by a high-density NOCO Element       lithium-ion battery  pack with a peak Amp rating of 1000A and an actual power output of 7000 joules 3s.


For more information please get in touch:   Call : 01743 218 500  email:

Where Should You Put Your Trust This Winter?

Written on December 10, 2015 at 2:11 pm

When it comes to replacement batteries, availability takes on an even greater emphasis as nowadays it is becoming increasingly obvious that there is no way around a ‘flat’ battery.


Supplier promises of excellent availability and depth of range are easy to make, particularly when the weather is fine and the demand is low, but it is as the temperatures drop and demand increases, that the substance behind the promises is really tested.


It is not by chance that Manbat is the UK’s largest automotive and commercial vehicle battery distributor. Rather it’s the result of investment, long term planning and a customer focused business ethos that demands that service is king.


Manbat is able to support members whatever the circumstances because it has built the infrastructure that is required for that level of commitment to its customers and many members will have experienced first-hand how the company has delivered for them when it really counts and their reputation is on the line.


The practical reality of this infrastructure investment means that Manbat holds approximately 300,000 batteries in stock throughout its 13 depots, spread across the length and breadth of the county. This stock holding allows the company to cover, to all intents and purposes, 100% of the vehicle parc and therefore provides members with the solution for every conceivable battery related challenge.


In addition to having this vast battery resource in its UK warehouses, Manbat also has the means to ensure that these batteries reach their destination when and where they are needed via a fleet of almost 60 wholly owned delivery vehicles.


Manbat introduce new Battery Validation tool ‘Connect + Reset’

Written on July 9, 2015 at 3:12 pm

Manbat are introducing their own battery validation tool, which will allow technicians to put the company’s advice into practice and correctly install the batteries Manbat supplies….

As is becoming increasingly understood, the battery in a micro-hybrid vehicle (one fitted with a Start-Stop function) is central to its electrical systems and is therefore constantly governed by a battery management module, which monitors its voltage, current, temperature and operating time.

This information is processed to determine the battery’s state of charge, starting capacity, electrical consumption, energy reserve and optimum charging voltage, to ensure the system applies the correct charging regime and keeps it in the best possible condition.

Fitting the battery for which the system was designed is therefore crucial and the process of ‘validation’ is to ensure the battery and battery management module are diagnostically connected and able to communicate with one another correctly.

Failure to validate the battery will cause issues with the Start-Stop functionality, the shutdown of non-essential electrical systems and the premature failure of the replacement because the system will ‘assume’ the new battery is in the same degraded condition as the old battery it replaced.

By using the Connect+Reset battery validation tool, will ensure the longevity and performance of the newly-installed battery, especially with vehicles with Start-Stop EFB/AGM technology.

Manbat BVT with Boot logo

Cutting Edge Technology

Written on July 9, 2015 at 3:08 pm

June saw Heathrow Ground Operator Servisair purchase nine of the Fronius Selectiva  chargers to improve their existing operational requirements and to reduce maintenance costs. The Fronius Selectiva charger boasts a massive 93% energy efficiency which is the highest efficiency on the market.


The new generation of ‘Selectiva’ devices with ‘Active Inverter Technology’ and the new ‘Ri’ (inner resistance) charging process have many benefits for the user. In concrete terms, this means that during the conversion of AC from the socket to DC (required for battery charging) in the battery charger and then during the electrochemical process, energy usage is optimised to produce significant reductions in energy costs. MANBAT is thus setting a new standard for energy efficiency.


  • 93% energy efficient – highest efficacy on the market
  • Less current draw from the mains
  • Minimises energy loss when recharging of batteries
  • IP54 rated


This is an on-going project by all UK airports to improve carbon footprints as well as reducing maintenance costs all round.

Numax AGM

Written on July 9, 2015 at 3:02 pm

The Numax AGM battery features even higher cyclic stability and recharges more quickly than conventional lead-acid batteries. These characteristics are essential, especially when it comes to advanced systems which employ regenerative braking and other fuel-saving technologies.

There is a discernible shift in the battery landscape as the number of batteries specifically designed for vehicles fitted with a Start-Stop system are starting to have an impact in the aftermarket as sales of AGM (absorbed glass mat) and EFB (enhanced flooded battery) batteries are increasing.

Although there will be no overnight change, this shift can only gain momentum, particularly as it is predicted that this year, in excess of 70% of global automotive vehicle production will incorporate a Start-Stop system and therefore necessitate the inclusion of an AGM/EFB battery.

For more information contact our sales team at Manbat:

Manbat & Noco, It’s genius!

Written on July 9, 2015 at 3:00 pm

We are delighted to have agreed a distribution arrangement with NOCO for a range of high quality chargers and a battery booster.

The NOCO GB30 Genius BOOST sets new standards when it comes to portable power and makes it entirely practical for the average motorist to carry a ‘pocket-sized’ jump starter in case of emergency, because incredibly, the GB30, which contains a high density lithium-ion battery, is capable of starting a petrol vehicle with up to a 6.0-litre engine or a 2.5-litre diesel for as many as 20 times on one charge!


The charger range consists of several models of various capacities, all naturally with smart charging technology, which means they can remain permanently connected, as once they’ve charged the battery, they are designed to maintain it to ensure it remains in the best possible condition, whatever and wherever the application.

What’s more, it also features spark-proof technology, is reverse polarity protected, holds its charge for a year and fits into the smallest glove box or the seat pocket. Also, as it uses a USB connection, it can charge or be charged from virtually any device: laptop, smartphone, tablet etc. If all this wasn’t enough, it also incorporates an ultra-bright, dual LED flashlight with seven modes including SOS and emergency strobe.

When it comes to those suitable for heavy duty commercial vehicle batteries, it’s the three biggest chargers that will be the most appropriate and these start with the G7200UK, which at 7.2-amps, provides the power required for batteries up to 230Ah in either 12 or 24-volt form. In addition to its immense charge capacity, it also incorporates several specialist charging modes designed to recover severely discharged batteries that will no longer accept a ‘normal’ charge. Next is the G15000UK at 15-amps and finally, comes the GS26000UK at 26-amps, both of which can deal with batteries of up to 500Ah capacity.

Among their many outstanding features, it’s worth mentioning that these chargers have the ability to remember their last selected operational mode, apply a high-voltage pulse charge when low-voltage, sulphation or lost capacity is detected and are protected against reverse polarity, sparks, overcharging, overcurrent, open-circuits, short-circuits and overheating.

In addition, they self-adjust the charge based on the ambient temperature, are able to charge the central networking system and are suitable for lead-acid, Gel, EFB/AGM and lithium-ion batteries.

For more information contact our sales team at Manbat:


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