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As the Numax and Lucas ranges of Leisure batteries is so diverse you can be sure there is a battery for every application.

Our Numax Leisure range has been verified by the NCC (National Caravan Council)

When you choose your leisure battery look for the National Caravan Council Product registered and Verified logo and check the category to be sure you are choosing one suitable for your caravan and motorhomes needs. The NCC have verified the performance of the labelled batteries through performance testing carred out in suitable laboratories to ensure that you can buy with peace of mind.


Leisure NCC

  • Varta
  • Lucas
  • Numax
  • Optima
  • Odyssey

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As well as the extensive Numax and Lucas ranges, Manbat also offers to its customers Leisure batteries from other premium battery manufacturers sourced especially for the very highest standards in both quality, design and technology in the form of VARTA, Optima and Odyssey.