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> An A – Z of Batteries – T, U and V

Our A-Z of all things battery may be fast approaching its end, but we’ve still got plenty of interesting snippets of information to share in what we hope you will agree has been a fascinating exploration of facts, figures and fascinating insights into the automotive battery and its rich history.   T is for Tudor […]

> An A – Z of Batteries – Q, R and S

In this article we continue our A -Z of all things battery with the letters Q, R and S, taking a look at quiescent voltage, reverse charging and sulphuric acid as we continue to explain everything you ever needed to know about the automotive battery.   Q is for Quiescent Voltage The quiescent voltage is […]

> An A – Z of Batteries – N, O, P

In this installment of our A – Z of all things battery, we look at two the brands available in our extensive range, as well as the man who invented the car battery as we know it today.   N is for Numax Manbat introduced its Numax brand in 2002. Since then, the brand has […]

> Your Car Battery: 5 Summer Maintenance Tips

Did you know that the summer heat can be worse for your car battery than the cold of winter? All car batteries need to be replaced at one time or another and the two main contributory factors for this needing to be done sooner rather than later are excessive heat and overcharging. Whilst the higher […]

> Numax; The Leading Leisure Battery Brand

NUMAX LEISURE RANGE The Leading leisure battery brand Knowing how hard choosing the right leisure battery can be, Manbat Ltd have found the solution with their well-known Numax batteries and have come up with a new range of high quality, yet affordable leisure batteries. The new range offers batteries of three categories from the very […]

> An A -Z of Batteries: J – M

In this edition of our ongoing A -Z of all things battery, we continue with the letter J.   J is for Jump Start In a perfect world, you’ll never have to encounter the inconvenience of a completely flat battery. Looking after your battery properly will go a long way towards preventing this frustrating situation, […]

> An A-Z of Batteries – G, H and I

In this article,we continue our A-Z of all things battery (and get a little scientific along the way).   G is for Galvanic Cell The key to how a car battery produces energy is down to a scientific invention known as the Galvanic Cell, named after prominent Italian scientist Luigi Aloisio Galvani. It is also […]

> The Manbat Battery Finder – The Best Way to Find the Right Battery

Whilst this winter’s storms may have played havoc on the roads, thanks to the mild temperatures many motorists have been spared the usual battery problems associated with the season. However, even batteries that have kept going throughout the winter months may still be due for replacement. Every car battery has an optimum lifespan, and this […]

> Car Battery Essentials – D, E and F

In this article, we continue our A-Z of car batteries with a look at the next three letters of the alphabet.   D is for Direct Current A car battery, unlike a household power supply, provides direct current or DC. This means that whilst household electricity known as alternating current (AC) provides electric in the […]

> Manbat – An A-Z of all things battery

Just as with any other industry specialist, with what we do here at Manbat comes our own very special language. For many suppliers, distributors and fitters the terms we use to talk about batteries are highly familiar. Others, however, may not be quite as knowledgeable. For example, do you know you’re electrodes from your electrolytes? […]

> Safe Charging

Safe Charging Never Attempt to Charge a Vehicle Battery without first reviewing the Instructions of the Charger to be used. In addition to the Charger Manufacturer’s instructions, these general precautions should be followed: Always wear proper eye, face and hand protection Always charge batteries in a well-ventilated area Keep vents tight and level Turn the […]

> Car Battery Care: Winter Maintenance

After months of wet, warm weather, temperatures have recently plummeted. To minimise the impact of the cold spell on your day to day routine, ensure you take the necessary steps to protect your car battery, which can be particularly susceptible to failure at this time of year.   1. Switch it off Heated seats, lights, […]

> Top 10 Car Battery Facts

Top 10 Car battery facts If you’ve ever suffered the let-down of a flat car battery, you’ll know what a drain it is. If it does go flat for no obvious reason it may be time to replace your battery. Just like the ones in your TV remote control, car batteries need to be replaced […]

> Car Battery Recycling – A Green Success Story

At Manbat, we are committed to operating as an environmentally responsible organisation. Although the name may imply otherwise, Lead Acid batteries can be considered the environmental success story of our time. Statistics indicate that in excess of 99% of all battery lead is recycled. When you compare this to averages of 55% of aluminum soft […]

> Winter Battery Storage Tips

Winter Battery Storage Tips

> What is Acid Stratification?

What is Acid Stratification? The electrolyte of a stratified battery concentrates at the bottom, starving the upper half of the cell. Acid stratification occurs if the battery dwells at low charge (below 80 percent), never receives a full charge and has shallow discharges. Driving a car for short distances with power-robbing accessories contributes to acid […]

> How Do Car Batteries Work?

Provided it works, a car battery is something that most motorists take for granted. With a high quality battery such as those supplied by Manbat, we’d like to think that you will experience years of reliability. This does of course rely on properly looking after both battery and vehicle to ensure maximum efficiency in the […]

> Car Battery Power: How To Prolong Your Battery’s Life

Purchasing a new, good quality battery for your car can be quite an investment to make. To ensure that it won’t need replacing just a year or two later, there are some steps you can take to ensure your car battery lasts as long as possible.   Keep It Clean It is recommended that on […]

> Car Battery Facts and Myths

Since the invention of the lead-acid battery, the basic principle has not changed. However, over the years, car battery facts have become intertwined with myths and many people rely on information that is in fact untrue. We explore some of the common facts and myths associated with car batteries. Batteries naturally self discharge while in […]

> Varta, Numax, Lucas: Get To Know Our Brands

Here at Manbat, we have supplied batteries since the early days as Manchester Batteries in 1952, consistently maintaining our reputation for top quality and excellent service throughout the years. In this article, we explore three of the carefully selected, trusted brands of which we offer to our customers. Varta Originally founded in 1887 as “Accumulatoren-Fabrik […]

> The Perfect Tool

Manbat Introduces The Perfect Tool GROUPAUTO members that already deal with Manbat will know that the company is dedicated to help them increase their profits from battery sales and with VARTA@, Lucas and Numax, and an excellent reputation for customer service, they have the brands and the experience to allow them to achieve that goal. […]

> Manbat introduce new Battery Validation tool ‘Connect + Reset’

Manbat are introducing their own battery validation tool, which will allow technicians to put the company’s advice into practice and correctly install the batteries Manbat supplies…. As is becoming increasingly understood, the battery in a micro-hybrid vehicle (one fitted with a Start-Stop function) is central to its electrical systems and is therefore constantly governed by […]

> Cutting Edge Technology

June saw Heathrow Ground Operator Servisair purchase nine of the Fronius Selectiva  chargers to improve their existing operational requirements and to reduce maintenance costs. The Fronius Selectiva charger boasts a massive 93% energy efficiency which is the highest efficiency on the market. The new generation of ‘Selectiva’ devices with ‘Active Inverter Technology’ and the new […]

> Numax AGM

The Numax AGM battery features even higher cyclic stability and recharges more quickly than conventional lead-acid batteries. These characteristics are essential, especially when it comes to advanced systems which employ regenerative braking and other fuel-saving technologies. There is a discernible shift in the battery landscape as the number of batteries specifically designed for vehicles fitted […]

> Manbat & Noco, It’s genius!

We are delighted to have agreed a distribution arrangement with NOCO for a range of high quality chargers and a battery booster. The NOCO GB30 Genius BOOST sets new standards when it comes to portable power and makes it entirely practical for the average motorist to carry a ‘pocket-sized’ jump starter in case of emergency, […]

> Check your Hazardous Waste Codes

Within the last month there have been changes to the way waste is classified, brought about by amendments to the Classification, Labeling and Packaging Regulations.  Certain descriptions have changed, for example, Risk phrases have been replaced by Hazard Statements and their thresholds are different.   Most importantly for those handling waste batteries, Hazard codes have […]

> Careful how you store your waste batteries

Winter has finally arrived and with it, there’ll be an increase in the number of batteries being scrapped. Whilst it’s tempting just to tip them on a pile in a corner of the yard, it’s worth remembering that batteries are classified as Hazardous waste and by law need to be stored, handled and disposed of […]

> Numax – Technology You Can Trust

Following its recent announcement concerning the rebranding of the Numax automotive and commercial vehicle (CV) ranges and the introduction of additional models, Manbat is keen to provide members of the trade with some more information that will help them understand just how powerful a proposition its brand provides them. “The battery is one of the […]

> Manbat Grows Its VARTA® Offer

As well as being the UK’s largest automotive battery distributor, Manbat is also the country’s primary distribution partner for VARTA®, which it supplies alongside the Lucas, Numax brands. As Europe’s principal leader in original equipment (OE) Start-Stop battery technology, VARTA is constantly developing its products and pioneering alternative solutions to ensure that vehicle manufacturers and […]

> Manbat Acquires PowerCell Industrial Battery Engineers Ltd

During August Manbat aquired PowerCell Industrial Battery Engineers Ltd, a leading industrial battery specialist, based at Rayne in Essex that supplies and services batteries and chargers for all types of industrial applications. With a national team of engineers, all of whom have substantial experience in the power storage sector, Manbat Industrial can provide its customers […]

> Waste battery thefts could cost you dearly

A high-profile police operation in the south west has removed a gang of criminals capitalising on high lead prices by stealing waste batteries. But whilst one team has now been removed, there are still many others out there across the UK, taking a major value away from the genuine owners. Many dupe their victims by […]

> Heavy On Quality, Light On The Pocket

Manbat introduced its Numax brand in 2002 to commemorate the company’s 50th anniversary. Since its launch, the awareness of the brand has become almost universal and it has established itself as one of the country’s most popular aftermarket brands. To continue forwards with this market leading brand, Manbat has refreshed its visual identity as well […]


To celebrate the start of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil this June, the winning team of Manbat and VARTA® have joined forces to help their joint customers enjoy the tournament and make money to boot. The VARTA Battery Champion competition combines battery training and increased market knowledge, with a sales incentive to provide […]

> New Identity, Same Reliable Service

Since the acquisition of BPS (Battery Power Systems) in late 2011, Manbat has been busy integrating its business systems, highly experienced sales and technical teams into one all-encompassing organisation operating under the title – Manbat Industrial. With the specialist branches located in East Kilbride, Washington and Bristol working hand in hand with the nine existing […]

> Closed Loop Recycling

Manbat, G&P Batteries and HJ Enthoven & Sons are all members of the ECOBAT group in the UK, playing key roles in recycling hazardous battery waste as part of the closed loop recycling process. As the world’s largest producer and recycler of lead, ECOBAT Technologies Ltd is currently the only global company offering a closed […]

> LUCAS Commercial Vehicle SUPREME Battery Range Launched

Manbat are pleased to announce an additional range to their Lucas commercial vehicle offering. Four part numbers which include the LS612, LS629, LS629UR and LS632 make up the Lucas Supreme CV range and provide features that exceed the existing Lucas Premium range. The Lucas Supreme CV range is designed for high performance commercial vehicles with […]

> Proactive CV Battery Maintenance

A proactive CV battery maintenance program and premium quality products will pay dividends in the long term. The UK is experiencing unusually mild weather at present; Manbat alongside Johnson Controls, the company behind the VARTA brand, advise commercial vehicle fleet managers that it’s not too late to give their commercial batteries a winter fitness check […]


Manbat & Batteries Accus Technologies Join Forces The continual growth of Manbat Ltd under the ownership of ECOBAT Technologies Ltd shows no sign of slowing down with the announcement that French battery distributor Batteries Accus Technologies (BAT) is the latest specialist battery business to join the group fold. The acquisition, completed on Tuesday 17th December […]

> How do I return my scrap batteries to Manbat?

How do I return my scrap batteries to Manbat? The Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2011 require that you must be registered with the Environment Agency as a producer of hazardous waste, if you produce more than 500kg of hazardous waste per annum. Examples of hazardous waste are batteries, fluorescent tubes, oil filters, tyres, waste […]

> CTEK Chargers, a great winter offer

CTEK are undoubtably the leading brand of chargers in the U.K. and as vehicles are parked up for the winter leaving batteries idle for months on end, the only way to ensure they are ready to go come the spring is by using an intelligent battery charger and you won’t find a better one than […]


The company behind the brand VARTA launch the first 48-volt lithium ion micro hybrid battery. Johnson Controls, the world’s leading supplier of automotive batteries, unveiled its first-generation 48-volt Lithium-ion Micro Hybrid battery at the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt, Germany. The new battery is part of the company’s full spectrum of advanced energy storage […]

> Manbat prepares for a cold winter

We won’t compromise on quality or service no matter how cold it gets. As we approach ‘busy season’ in the battery industry, our sole focus at this time is to make sure we are prepared for the winter period, no matter what the weather throws at us. In anticipation of some early cold weather we […]

> Manbat Exhibit at the GA Show

The Group Auto Show 2013 will be taking place at the Telford International Centre on 4th October. Manbat looks forward to welcoming all Group Auto members onto the stand.

> Scrap Theft – a Major Issue

Scrap theft is a major issue in the battery industry today. People will go to any lengths it seems to illegally collect spent batteries. When it comes to responsible disposal, businesses have to understand their environmental responsibilities and ensure batteries are disposed of legally, but they should also be aware that they could benefit financially […]

> Manbat Introduces the DCXV Battery

The market leading NUMAX XV range has been further strengthened by the introduction of the new DC27MF battery. With five existing options to choose from in the superior NUMAX XV leisure range, consumers will now have another option to consider when purchasing a leisure battery. The DC27MF comes with extra cyclic capability compared with the […]

> Top Marks for VARTA® Start-Stop Plus

The best battery for vehicles with advanced Start-Stop technology and regenerative braking is the VARTA Start-Stop Plus, according to the latest survey by ADAC (German Automobile Club) and the Stiftung Warentest, the German consumer organisation which carries out impartial comparative product tests. Not only did the VARTA Start-Stop Plus with AGM technology take top spot […]

> Numax Exhibit at the M&C Show

Manbat exhibits once again at the Motorhome and Caravan show under its NUMAX brand and launches the new NUMAX DC27MF extra deep cycle leisure battery. For the fifth year in a row, Manbat will be exhibiting at the Caravan and Motorhome show at the N.E.C. Birmingham from the 15th to the 20th October 2013. By […]

> Numax to exhibit at the Motorhome and Caravan Show

The National Exhibition Centre plays host to this years Motorhome and Caravan show ( 15-20 October 2013. Numax, the leading premium leisure battery brand will continue in tradition to be on hand to offer maintenance advice and 5% discount vouchers on their leisure range of batteries – for use at any good leisure dealer nationwide.

> New VARTA® Commercial Battery

Joining an already great range – VARTA® Promotive – is the new Black Dynamic N10. Please see below for the full specifications and feel free to get in contact if you would like to know anymore.

> New Numax Leisure Battery

Manbat is set to release a new battery into their already market leading Numax leisure range. The DC27MF comes with extra cyclic capability compared with the XV27MF, making it ideal for applications that need that extra power. Although the Ampere hour capacity is identical to the XV27MF, it’s thicker plates and therefore higher reserve capacity […]

> Manbat Debut at Equip Auto Show

Equip Auto 2013 will be taking place at the Paris Nord exhibition centre from 16th to 20th October. This is Manbat’s subsequent international appearance to Automechanika and should be just as successful. Find out more at…

> It all starts with VARTA

Over the last century, vehicle technology has evolved enormously, and VARTA has been at the forefront of developing world-leading battery technology. As a result, today, millions of people and businesses around the world rely on VARTA to power their vehicles. For our trade customers buying VARTA through our distribution partner Manbat, you are probably already […]

> Scrap batteries, and closed loop recycling

When it comes to responsible disposal, businesses have to understand their environmental responsibilities and ensure batteries are disposed of legally, but they should also be aware that they could benefit financially from responsible battery disposal as lead acid batteries have a ‘scrap’ value. Manbat is a member of the ECOBAT group, which includes specialist waste […]

> Lucas Supreme Range is Powered Up

The iconic Lucas automotive battery range that is already synonymous with quality, cutting edge technology, and diversity has been further strengthened by an upgraded Supreme range. With four options in the car and light commercial range (CLASSIC, PREMIUM, SUPREME, and FUSION AGM), and two options in the commercial vehicle range (CLASSIC CV and PREMIUM CV) […]

> All By Water

Manbat would like to congratulate Arnold Grayston on his successful circumnavigation of Wales via the inland waterways. Not only did Alan successfully complete his 689 mile, 24 day journey, he also raised over £5000 for the Severn Hospice – an extremely worthwhile cause. Manbat is glad to have powered Alan and more directly his boat. […]

> Manbat Debut at GA Autocare Show

The Autocare Trade show at Stoneleigh Park on Friday 21st June is set to be a great day for Group Auto members, aswell as a game of Golf the day before for those who wish to bring their putter along.

> Manbat Reinforces its Sales Team

Experienced Professional To Head The Team Manbat, the UK’s largest automotive battery distributor has recruited respected aftermarket professional Paul Payne as its new sales director to replace Jon Bailey who recently returned to VARTA®. Paul has come from DENSO International Europe, where he spent five successful years as the company’s regional manager for UK and […]

> Manbat Industrial Debuts at IMHX 2013

Following its acquisition of Battery Power Systems (BPS) in late 2011, Manbat has been working intensively with the BPS team to further develop their combined industrial battery presence. With more than 27 years of sales and service expertise BPS is able to offer both the materials handling and floor care sectors a well-tailored package solution, […]

> Manbat Launch New Website

Manbat is proud to announce the launch of its new website, which is designed to engage visitors and quickly provide them with detailed information about the company, the services it can provide, the products it supplies and its parent company, Eco-Bat Technologies. The site will provide information in these key areas, as well as enabling […]