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Your Car Battery: 5 Summer Maintenance Tips

Written on July 11, 2016 at 12:26 pm

Did you know that the summer heat can be worse for your car battery than the cold of winter?

All car batteries need to be replaced at one time or another and the two main contributory factors for this needing to be done sooner rather than later are excessive heat and overcharging. Whilst the higher temperatures help to increase the battery capacity and make it easier to turn over the engine, the high temperatures of summer can in fact be worse for your battery, decreasing the degradation rate almost up to 33% more than the minus figures of winter! We run through some top tips to help you maintain your car battery through the warmer months.

Get to know your battery

Whilst generic information is available for the upkeep of car batteries, it is worth knowing a bit more about the specific battery you have. Have a read through the manual to understand the correct procedures for cleaning and maintenance to ensure you can keep on top of it and regularly service the battery as required.

car in sun

Keep it cool

As temperatures rise, where possible, keep your car parked in a shaded area. The heat speeds up the chemical reactions in the battery and those with older batteries run the risk of being stranded by premature failure of the battery.

Turn off electronics

Electronics are the main source of parasitic loads (small currents of energy the battery needs to continuously deliver). Electrical items such as air conditioning, electric windows and stereo systems all have heavy electrical loads. Before you leave your car, ensure all electrical appliances are off to give your battery more time to discharge.

Check water levels

If you have removable filler caps on your battery, open them to check the water level in each cell. To avoid sulfation, the plates inside should be covered by fluid. If the fluid is low, use distilled water to top up the levels, do not use tap water. Whilst plates should be covered, be sure not to overfill as the heat can cause the solution inside to expand and overflow.

Water in car battery

Regularly inspect and clean

To ensure your car battery is kept clean, detach the cables and wipe the terminals. Your battery should also be strapped down tightly and all connections need to be secure. By regularly checking your battery, you can help prevent further damage occurring. If you suspect your car battery may be damaged, report it your garage as soon as possible.

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