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Careful how you store your waste batteries

Written on December 16, 2014 at 12:33 pm

Winter has finally arrived and with it, there’ll be an increase in the number of batteries being scrapped. Whilst it’s tempting just to tip them on a pile in a corner of the yard, it’s worth remembering that batteries are classified as Hazardous waste and by law need to be stored, handled and disposed of carefully and in accordance with the rules and regulations.

Make sure they are stored in a sealed, watertight container to prevent any acid residue from leaking out and contaminating your workspace. Ensure that any trailing wires are secured to prevent shortages and possible fires. And always check the credentials of your collection company to make sure you are using a licensed carrier with full ID and all the necessary paperwork to demonstrate full compliance.

Remember, as a waste producer it is your responsibility to ensure you have a full audit trail. Fail to comply and you risk a heavy fine or even imprisonment.

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