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Closed Loop Recycling

Written on January 27, 2014 at 11:39 am

Manbat, G&P Batteries and HJ Enthoven & Sons are all members of the ECOBAT group in the UK, playing key roles in recycling hazardous battery waste as part of the closed loop recycling process.

As the world’s largest producer and recycler of lead, ECOBAT Technologies Ltd is currently the only global company offering a closed recycling loop for lead acid batteries. That loop begins and ends with specialist ECOBAT group member Manbat which distributes new batteries to its customers and then collects them back as scrap. The scrap is then sorted by Manbat’s sister company, G&P batteries who transport it to H J Enthoven ready for the recycling process. The core material from these products is used by the smelters to manufacture the highest quality lead and lead alloys. Other operational facilities use additional products derived from lead recycling operations to produce a range of industrial products.

The lead smelting facility is tailored to make products designed for many specific markets including lead acid batteries. Lead is fed back to the world’s leading battery manufacturers to produce new batteries and the cycle is completed by Manbat when new batteries are bought in ready to distribute to customers once again.

More than 80 per cent of lead production is pure lead, which involves the manufacture of refined lead from scrap lead sources. Ecobat maximises the full potential of all its operations by converting what would have been waste into other products that we sell or recycle. These include sulphuric acid, polypropylene, sodium sulphate, zinc, aluminium, industrial minerals, plastics and poly-foams.

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