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Written on July 9, 2015 at 3:08 pm

June saw Heathrow Ground Operator Servisair purchase nine of the Fronius Selectiva  chargers to improve their existing operational requirements and to reduce maintenance costs. The Fronius Selectiva charger boasts a massive 93% energy efficiency which is the highest efficiency on the market.


The new generation of ‘Selectiva’ devices with ‘Active Inverter Technology’ and the new ‘Ri’ (inner resistance) charging process have many benefits for the user. In concrete terms, this means that during the conversion of AC from the socket to DC (required for battery charging) in the battery charger and then during the electrochemical process, energy usage is optimised to produce significant reductions in energy costs. MANBAT is thus setting a new standard for energy efficiency.


  • 93% energy efficient – highest efficacy on the market
  • Less current draw from the mains
  • Minimises energy loss when recharging of batteries
  • IP54 rated


This is an on-going project by all UK airports to improve carbon footprints as well as reducing maintenance costs all round.

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