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Manbat Acquires PowerCell Industrial Battery Engineers Ltd

Written on December 16, 2014 at 12:32 pm

During August Manbat aquired PowerCell Industrial Battery Engineers Ltd, a leading industrial battery specialist, based at Rayne in Essex that supplies and services batteries and chargers for all types of industrial applications.

With a national team of engineers, all of whom have substantial experience in the power storage sector, Manbat Industrial can provide its customers with a full package of benefits derived from its service driven business ethos.

Batteries represent a sizable investment for a business, but without the correct maintenance regime, there is a danger they will not return the anticipated number of cycles – charge, discharge, charge – during their planned lifespan, which means they would need to be replaced early, with the subsequent cost that the business would incur. The correct charging package is therefore vital.

Manbat Industrial’s field engineers have the knowledge and experience to choose the right battery/charger combination to be the most effective. Looking after this important investment with the best care package can prolong the lifespan of the batteries considerably and result in less down time and therefore will deliver greater efficiency.

It should go without saying, that customers need to have the right battery for the right application to begin with. However, this is often where difficulties can arise because there can be a tendency to look at the short-term cost of the initial purchase of the batteries, rather than the long-term cost to the business over the projected lifespan of the batteries.

As a general rule, a cheaper battery to purchase will not provide a cheap solution over the long-term because it will probably require topping up more regularly or will just not last as anticipated and need to be replaced, therefore negating its lower initial purchase price.

Manbat Industrial has very close relationships with several quality battery manufacturers, so in addition to its market experience that ensures it will specify a battery and maintenance regime that is suitable for the application, it is also able to support the package by being able to offer a competitive initial purchase price for the batteries.

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