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Manbat Grows Its VARTA® Offer

Written on December 16, 2014 at 12:33 pm

As well as being the UK’s largest automotive battery distributor, Manbat is also the country’s primary distribution partner for VARTA®, which it supplies alongside the Lucas, Numax brands.

As Europe’s principal leader in original equipment (OE) Start-Stop battery technology, VARTA is constantly developing its products and pioneering alternative solutions to ensure that vehicle manufacturers and the wider aftermarket can benefit from its power storage expertise.

Two of these developments were announced in September and will soon be available through the Manbat branch network. The first is the VARTA Promotive EFB heavy-duty battery and the second the addition of the new EFB and AGM models into the Dynamic automotive range.

Nowadays, the power requirement placed on a typical heavy-duty commercial battery is huge as most trucks are now equipped with a multitude of electronic devices such as wide-ranging entertainment systems, fridges and even microwave ovens.

To address this demand, the new Promotive EFB is an innovative battery that incorporates EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery) technology to meet the needs of today’s owner-driver and fleet operators.

The VARTA Promotive EFB is the first heavy-duty EFB battery with a unique acid circulator and is specifically designed for high-performance commercial vehicles with large power demands and intense vibration resistance requirements. Its technological features guarantee improved performance and reliability over previous models and the innovative acid circulator effectively prevents acid stratification, a major cause of battery failure.

As a result, the Promotive EFB, which is manufactured to the highest quality standards in Europe, is designed to last longer than any other battery on the market and will therefore provide reliable and dependable power for commercial vehicle fleets and dramatically reduce their unscheduled downtime.

The unique acid circulator is a benchmark VARTA technology that guarantees better acid circulation and keeps charge acceptance at the highest level. The battery will therefore last much longer and the risk of failure is significantly reduced.

When it comes to its automotive batteries, VARTA has also been busy as its existing Dynamic trio offering (BLACK, BLUE and SILVER), has been complemented by two cutting-edge technologies, AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) and EFB.

The VARTA SILVER Dynamic AGM battery, which is manufactured in Germany, provides massive starting power, faster conductivity and offers three times the level of endurance than its conventional counterpart. It is also the natural choice for vehicles incorporating advanced Start-Stop technology with regenerative braking.

The VARTA BLUE Dynamic EFB battery is characterised by twice the level of endurance of a conventional lead-acid battery and is the ideal solution for entry-level vehicles fitted with a Start-Stop system.

Both the AGM and EFB batteries come with superb cyclic performance (charge, discharge, charge) and provide members with the very best when it comes to reliability and starting power. VARTA has also invested in the manufacturing process for these models as both are now manufactured using 20% less energy and producing 20% less greenhouse gas emissions.

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