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Numax; The Leading Leisure Battery Brand

Written on June 27, 2016 at 12:56 pm


The Leading leisure battery brand

Knowing how hard choosing the right leisure battery can be, Manbat Ltd have found the solution with their well-known Numax batteries and have come up with a new range of high quality, yet affordable leisure batteries.

The new range offers batteries of three categories from the very best A class range to the more affordable C class battery, all following the NCC’s leisure battery scheme to make sure you the customer is put first. Along with the prestigious NCC approval, Numax is a trusted brand offering durability and reliability for all conditions.

The first product in Numax’s brand new range is the C class, LV range. This comes in three sizes all 12V, only varying in Ah. The LV22MF offering 75Ah and the LV30MF offering 100Ah are already existing Numax leisure products. However, they have received a makeover providing you with even more quality and higher performance levels to improve the product yet at the same prices, in addition, to this the LV range offers the all new LV26MF. All of which are C rated by the NCC and are both sealed and maintenance free.LV22MF-Low-Res

If you are a customer who requires a higher cyclic capacity in your battery, Numax’s DC range provides you with the ideal solution. Starting with the NCC class C DC24MF battery, the DC range also offers three different batteries all B classed by the NCC showing a step up in quality of the products. Both the 25MF and the 27MF provide you with 90Ah, but the 25MF is the only battery in the range with an EN rating showing its compatibility and high quality to fit in with European standards. The final battery in the DC range is the DC31MF which offers 105Ah for those requiring more power.DC24MF-low-res

At the peak of Numax’s new leisure range is the XD range, consisting of the XDC extra cyclic batteries and the XDT super cyclic XDT30MF. The XD range consists of dual purpose batteries which provide you with the highest quality battery for your caravan or motorhome.

In the XDC range Numax’s extra cyclic batteries offer exceptional cyclic capabilities. The XDC24MF offering 80Ah is renowned for its high performance and is regarded to be the best battery in its size category despite the fact it is only able to gain a C class NCC rating due to casing constraints. Along with this the XDC range also consists of the XDC27MF (95Ah) and the XDC31MF (105Ah) both with the potential to achieve a category A NCC rating.


The final battery in Numax’s all new leisure range is the XDT30MF which is a class A rating, consisting of 115Ah it is the perfect battery for more difficult environmental conditions. The 30MF also brags its ability to achieve over 1,000 cycles; it also carries tubular plate technology making it more robust. Finally the XDT30MF has both an enhanced life expectancy and enhanced performance in order to gain a lower depth of discharge, making it an extremely high quality, reliable battery.XDT30MF-Low-Res

With Numax’s new range it has never been easier to choose a leisure battery that’s the right choice for you. Manbat Ltd are proud of their product and assure that it will provide quality, reliability and performance making Numax the right leisure battery for you.

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