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Waste battery thefts could cost you dearly

Written on June 2, 2014 at 10:45 am

A high-profile police operation in the south west has removed a gang of criminals capitalising on high lead prices by stealing waste batteries. But whilst one team has now been removed, there are still many others out there across the UK, taking a major value away from the genuine owners. Many dupe their victims by posing as legitimate collectors.

But what’s worse than being duped is that these teams can also expose the waste producer to the risk of prosecution for allowing a hazardous waste to be removed by an unlicensed carrier, with no knowledge as to where the material is going. This is contrary to their responsibilities under Duty of Care under the Hazardous Waste regulations. Failure to comply with the legislation can bring severe penalties of heavy fines and even imprisonment.

It is important to check who is turning up to collect your waste batteries. Legitimate collectors will carry full ID and provide copies of all the necessary paperwork to demonstrate full compliance. If in doubt, call your collector to ensure verification. Don’t allow yourself to be duped; it’s just not just money you risk losing.

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