Supplying batteries since 1952



The wound cell technology of OPTIMA® Batteries was first used in 1969 for the US space programme to power the Lunar Rover. In 1972 this technology was bought by Gates Rubber, and in 1983 the firm began to develop it for automotive applications.

Optima Batteries


Optima Batteries

The Gylling Group of Scandinavia bought OPTIMA® in 1994, opening a factory a year later in Colorado. In 2000 OPTIMA® was acquired by Johnson Controls. In 2007 JCI laid the foundation stone for a new production site in Monterrey, Mexico, enabling it to keep pace with global demand.

Today, OPTIMA® batteries are repeatedly proving their importance in a variety of applications. These include car racing, off-road and 4×4 vehicles, marine sport, leisure vehicles, military generators, cleaning equipment, emergency vehicles, construction vehicles, agricultural machinery, mobile generators, uninterrupted power supply, electrical vehicles, and many more.

Manbat is a key distributor for Optima Batteries.