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Written on May 21, 2013 at 5:07 pm

Powerful Leisure Batteries To Suit Every Need

Over the last decade, Numax has established itself as one of the most prominent battery brands in the highly demanding leisure sector and its wide range of specialist batteries provide the outdoor enthusiast with the opportunity to find the perfect product for their needs.

The standard Leisure range consists of three conventional flooded lead acid batteries of 75, 90 and 110-Ampere hour (Ah) capacity. Each is manufactured to match original equipment specification and provides a high quality maintenance free solution for general leisure applications and comes with a two-year guarantee.

However, where there is a requirement for more power or longer service life, it’s the Numax XV range that is the battery of choice for many enthusiasts.

The 11-model range provides enthusiast with a multitude of choice starting from the 75 Ah XV23 to the range topping to 235 Ah XV80. All versions combine a large starting current, which is usually only found in a starter battery, with a very high cyclic capacity (the ability to be charged, discharged and charged again) that is normally associated with a conventional leisure battery.

The range is manufactured using state-of-the-art plate design, semi-traction paste, envelope construction and gas recombination technology, which means that they will last substantially longer than a conventional flooded leisure battery. As a result, every Numax XV battery comes with a three-year guarantee.

Naturally, all XV batteries come with ergonomically designed carrying handles for ease of handling, dual terminals for both clamp and screw lead connection, battery condition ‘windows’ to show the battery’s state of charge, and maintenance free sealed cells for maximum safety and convenience.

With a range as extensive as the XV family, Numax has now made a clear distinction within the range to help users identify the ‘best of the best’. By setting apart the XV 24 and 35 and naming them XV Plus, consumers can easily identify the two most powerful options that are available in the two ‘standard’ battery case sizes of 257mm x 172mm and 330mm x 172mm.

Alongside Numax, Manbat Ltd, the owner of the Numax brand also offers the Lucas Leisure range, which although broadly comparable to the Numax range does include an even more powerful alternative for those that need the ultimate leisure battery.

The Lucas Traction XC range provides a higher peak capacity as well as an increased initial capacity, which it achieves through its fortified plate construction. Other benefits include a full deep cycle capacity and improved cyclic life, along with an enhanced recharge ability.

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