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Written on October 21, 2013 at 5:29 pm

Making Mobility Batteries Go The Distance

The independence of those that use mobility scooters, motorised wheelchairs or similar electric powered equipment to aid them in their daily lives, greatly depends upon the reliability of the power supply for their equipment. Anything less than complete reliability has huge ramifications for users and carers alike.

It is therefore important for users to choose their batteries carefully so that they suit the application for which they are intended. Furthermore, once purchased, these batteries need to be properly maintained to allow the equipment to perform as intended, while also extending their useable life for as long as possible.

Many users probably won’t appreciate that their mobility battery is rather like a living organism, which needs to be given some care and attention to deliver its best performance over the long term. If a little care is taken, then it will provide many hours of trouble-free power, whereas if neglected, then the battery could fail prematurely.

Although not an exciting subject, practical advice as to how to maximise battery life will nonetheless reduce the likelihood of users being left housebound, or worse still being stranded away from home. So here are some practical tips from Manbat, the UK’s primary distributor of the Sonnenschein, Lucas and Numax brands, to ensure users get the best from their batteries.

Always start the day with a fully charged battery.
Always charge the battery as soon as possible after use, even if the equipment has been used sparingly.
Always try to charge the battery continuously for a number of hours, preferably overnight.
Always use an ‘intelligent’ or continual use charger that has the capacity to be left connected indefinitely.
Never leave the battery standing on a cold concrete floor
Never leave the charger connected to the mains without the battery attached.
Never leave the charger connected to the battery without it being connected to the mains.

By following these simple guidelines, users will extend the life of their batteries to the maximum and therefore ensure their equipment runs reliably.

Sonnenschein® GEL batteries are widely acknowledged to be the ‘gold standard’ batteries for the mobility sector and are the preferred product for the National Health Service and private medical providers alike. The range caters for multiple applications, encompasses capacities from 15 to 200 Ampere hour (Ah) and provides the ultimate in mobility battery performance.

In Lucas, Manbat offer a high quality AGM alternative to the Sonnenschein GEL range, which also provides users with fully sealed and maintenance free technology, with extra deep cycle (the ability to charge, discharge and charge again) capability.

Supporting these quality batteries, Manbat also offers a comprehensive range of battery chargers, which include its own Numax ‘connect+forget’® models and the market leading CTEK brand. All these chargers feature smart design and intelligent technology, which means that they manage the battery’s charging process and can be left attached virtually indefinitely to ensure the battery performs to its best.

Both brands are widely available through many mobility specialists and these experts will be able to provide the information users need to ensure that they purchase a battery suitable for the equipment they are using. Batteries are expensive, so it is always wise to seek professional advice when the time comes to replace the battery.

Another advantage of using a specialist is that as old batteries must be disposed of responsibly and an official outlet will make sure that they are recycled by a certified organisation, rather than finding their way into the wrong channels and dealt with inappropriately.

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