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Written on June 30, 2015 at 9:27 am

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It is a sad reflection of the times that environmental concerns and responsible waste disposal can still play second fiddle to making a fast buck. However, as is evident from a criminal prosecution in 2014 that resulted in four convictions, as well as being irresponsible, it’s also a risky business.


In the case in question, four men from Gloucestershire received a combination of custodial sentences and community service for their part in a £100,000 scrap battery fraud. Posing as genuine collectors, they visited sites countrywide and stole waste batteries and then sold them on to scrap metal dealers.


“Despite being in the UK, this case illuminates the issues,” says Myles Pemberton, marketing manager of the UK’s largest automotive and commercial vehicle battery distributor, Manbat Ltd. “Due to the escalating price of the lead that goes into, among other products, batteries, there is an intrinsic value attached to a scrap battery.


“This is good for motor factors and their garage customers because it provides them with an additional revenue stream, but too many businesses want to be paid cash ‘on the side’, rather than put the money through the company books.


“Part of the problem is down to the rules and regulations connected with waste management, which can sometimes seem complicated and time-consuming and make the whole procedure ‘more trouble than it’s worth’, particularly when someone is offering cash to make the problem ‘go away’!


“However, waste batteries are a serious matter for workshop and motor factor alike, so when it comes to the responsible disposal of batteries, they both have to understand their environmental responsibilities and ensure batteries are disposed of legally.


“It is for this reason that we work closely with our Irish distributors to help their customers help workshops through the process, which often includes dealing with all the necessary paperwork, but also allows them to earn money at the same time.


“Manbat also has a great story to tell when it comes to the recycling process, because in conjunction with some of the other businesses in the ECOBAT Technologies Group, we are able to let our customers know that 99.97% of every battery we collect and process is recycled, which is one of the highest rates of conversion across any industrial sector.”


ECOBAT is the world’s largest producer of lead, which is processed through its 13 lead facilities located strategically across the globe. More than 80% of its total lead production comes from recycled lead and this means that it annually converts literally thousands of tons of lead waste into high quality lead products such as ingots, strip, wire and shot through its efficient smelting operations.


Among its many customers are large-scale battery manufacturers and these companies purchase huge quantities of ECOBAT’s lead ingots, which they then process to form the plates that go into their batteries. Their finished products are then distributed through Manbat’s Irish distribution partners to wholesalers and battery specialists who in turn need a legitimate outlet for the waste batteries they collect from their customers when they supply a new battery.


These scrap batteries are then collected by leading waste battery collection specialist, G & P Batteries, who dismantle the batteries into their core elements, the lead from which goes back into the lead smelting process.


However, it is not just the lead that is recycled: the sulphuric acid from the battery’s electrolyte is converted into gypsum for the construction industry and the cases are reprocessed into polypropylene, which is a highly sought after element for many industries.


“We believe that Manbat and its key distribution partners provide a scrap battery-recycling scheme that is the benchmark for the industry. Together we offer a complete service that not only takes the worry out of battery waste, but can also turn that waste into extra profits, which can be ploughed back into the business,” concluded Pemberton.


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