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Written on October 1, 2015 at 9:12 am

Thanks Batteries – Think Numax

Manbat, the UK’s largest automotive battery distributor, introduced its Numax brand in 2002 to commemorate the company’s 50th anniversary. Since its launch, the awareness of the brand has become industry wide and it has established itself as one of the country’s most popular aftermarket brands.


Numax Start-Stop Batteries

Batteries are the single biggest reason for roadside breakdown in the UK and Ireland and therefore one of the fastest moving components across the counter and through the workshop.


Alongside the everyday replacements that will be required for the vast majority of cases, there is a discernable shift in the battery landscape as the number of batteries specifically designed for vehicles fitted with a Start-Stop system are starting to have an impact in the aftermarket, as sales of AGM (absorbed glass mat) and EFB (enhanced flooded battery) batteries are increasing.


Although there will be no overnight change, this shift can only gain momentum, particularly as it is predicted that this year, in excess of 70% of global automotive vehicle production will incorporate a Start-Stop system and therefore necessitate the inclusion of an AGM/EFB battery.


To cater for this market development, Manbat has two high quality Start-Stop specific batteries into its popular Numax range, which are available to factors and their workshop customers throughout the Manbat branch network.


“Although many factors and battery specialists are aware that we supply them with the market leading VARTA® range, many are extremely loyal to the Numax brand and find its combination of quality and value allows them to provide their customers with a competitive product offering across the board,” said Pemberton.


“With the addition of the Numax EFB and AGM models, they will also have a viable Numax solution for those vehicles that by their very nature require a Start-Stop compatible battery that correctly conforms to the vehicle’s specification. These two Numax additions therefore provide them with the ideal replacement for these applications and mean they have at their disposal a Numax solution for all their battery requirements

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