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Written on January 27, 2016 at 1:57 pm

For more than 60 years, national battery distributor Manbat has been serving the independent aftermarket by providing it with high quality products, backed up by great availability and excellent customer service.


Part of this service is a commitment to keeping technicians up to speed with developments and opportunities in the battery market, such as battery validation.


As technicians will be aware, the battery in a micro-hybrid vehicle (one fitted with a Start-Stop function) is central to its electrical systems and is therefore constantly governed by a battery management module, which monitors its voltage, current, temperature and operating time.


This information is processed to determine the battery’s state of charge, starting capacity, electrical consumption, energy reserve and optimum charging voltage, to ensure the system applies the correct charging regime and keeps it in the best possible condition.


Fitting the battery for which the system was designed is therefore crucial, but so also is the process of ‘validation’ to ensure the battery and battery management module are diagnostically ‘connected’ and able to communicate with one another correctly.


Failure to validate the battery can cause issues with the Start-Stop functionality, shutdown of non-essential electrical systems and the premature failure of the battery.


Although technicians already have a host of workshop tools at their disposal, the Manbat ‘Connect + Reset’® battery validation tool provides them with a simple, effective and inexpensive way to allow them to install a Start-Stop battery with confidence.


It is also worth stating that even some vehicles without a Start-Stop function require battery validation when fitting a replacement and here too the ‘Connect + Reset’ tool provides the solution.

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