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Written on September 21, 2014 at 6:34 pm

Renault introduced a Start-Stop system on several of its power units for the Mégane in early 2012 and they now feature strongly throughout the range on both petrol and diesel variants.

As a result, early examples will now begin to be within reach of the independent sector, so workshops and the technicians undertaking service and repair work on these models, need to bear in mind that they are not fitted with traditional lead-acid starter batteries. Instead these models use either an EFB or AGM battery such as a VARTA® Blue Dynamic EFB or Silver Dynamic AGM and will therefore require specialist knowledge and equipment to ensure the correct removal and installation process is followed.

In addition, as the battery in the system is integrated with the vehicle’s battery management system and its ECU, thorough diagnosis is required to discover whether the battery needs to be replaced or if there is an underlying cause that might have led to its premature failure.

Having the ability to cancel and reset the fault codes that may be required for associated components like the alternator and starter motor, as well as the Start-Stop system, means that workshops would be wise to invest in the necessary tooling and training to allow them to tackle these issues.

Manbat, the UK’s largest automotive battery distributor, is also the primary distributor for VARTA®, Europe’s leading Start-Stop battery manufacturer. Together they have the products, equipment, and in association with eXponentia, the technical expertise, to ensure that workshops are fully prepared and have the confidence to service not only the Renault Mégane, but any other Start-Stop vehicle they may encounter.

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