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ECOBAT Technologies Increases Its Battery Collection Activities In Germany

Written on January 21, 2014 at 5:37 pm

ECOBAT Technologies, the European market leader in lead based battery collection and component recycling, has bought the battery collection division from the Lower Saxon company; Must GmbH in Germany. Through this acquisition, ECOBAT Technologies will increase its presence in Northern, Eastern and Central Germany. Must GmbH; located in Vienenburg is a leading waste management company, specialising in process scrap and ferrous/non-ferrous metals.

The acquisition is in line with ECOBAT Technologies strategy of expanding its collection activities throughout Europe to offer their customers a pan-European lead acid battery component recycling service.

Two strong partners
The German ECOBAT Technologies company BERZELIUS Logistik Service GmbH (BLS) and Must, who have been co-operating very successfully for almost 30 years, and will continue their partnership in the future. “We are proud that Ingo Must, Managing Director of Must, will stay the contact person for the customers and takes care of their demand with regard to lead battery collection and component recycling services,” says Matthias Ernst, BLS Managing Director and European Director for ECOBAT Technologies scrap lead and component collection and recycling activities.

“I’m delighted that ECOBAT Technologies and Must GmbH have successfully completed this transaction and ratified their future commitments to each other; and most importantly their suppliers and customers; into the future. This new entity will provide world-class collection and recycling services,” adds Ingo Must.

Further expanded service
Previous customers of Must’s scrap lead based battery collection division will now benefit from the knowhow and comprehensive service of the European market leader; ECOBAT Technologies. The portfolio includes consulting, logistic, collection, transport, intermediate storage, container-management, recycling and waste disposal.

The collected batteries are recycled completely in the secondary smelters and processing plants of the ECOBAT Technologies group. The European ECOBAT Technologies companies make the most of the lead battery scrap with a recycling efficiency of 95 per cent, which is unique in the market.

“As the world’s leading lead producer, we are excited to expand our scrap lead collection activities in North West Europe and reinforce our reputation as the customer’s choice for collection and recycling services” notes Rob Harris, President and Managing Director – ECOBAT Technologies Europe and Asia.

In recent years, the company has been establishing a deeper presence in collection activities in Europe. “Our increasing commitment to this activity will enable us to continue to support and complement our customers’ growing demand for high-quality lead products, alloys and services,” he continues. “This acquisition further demonstrates our commitment to our customers in developing this sector.”

About the ECOBAT group:
ECOBAT Technologies is the world’s largest producer of lead, producing over 800,000 metric tonnes per year from over 15 facilities in Europe, the USA and South Africa. ECOBAT maximizes the value of its operations by producing the highest quality lead and lead alloys, specifically designed for the battery, mining and other industries both from recycled and primary materials. In addition, ECOBAT processes and supplies in various forms silver, lead anodes and sheet, zinc, aluminium, industrial minerals, plastics, polyfoams, and provides services including spent battery collection and distribution of new batteries. Excellence is the watchword throughout all operations, but particularly in customer service, technical expertise and health, safety and environmental matters.

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