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Written on October 13, 2015 at 10:28 am

ECOBAT European Battery Distribution

With production facilities throughout Europe, United States and South Africa, ECOBAT Technologies Ltd is the world´s largest producer of lead and lead alloys, smelting around 840,000 tonnes annually. Each of its operations utilise the latest cutting-edge technologies to assure highly efficient and environmentally responsible production of the highest quality lead and lead alloy for a wide range of industries, including the battery manufacturing sector.


The ECOBAT European Battery Distribution division of the organisation is made up of four companies: Manbat France, Manbat UK, Hefra Netherlands and Hefra Belgium. Together, this combined force annually sells in excess of two million batteries from its 21 distribution hubs.


The central philosophy that underpins each of these companies and therefore ECOBAT European Battery Distribution as a whole, is to supply the aftermarket with high quality products, backed up with outstanding logistical support and exceptional customer service.


The premium brands supplied by the group include Numax, TAB, VMF, Wilco, US Battery, Lucas, Optima, Odyssey, Trojan, Sonnenschein and VARTA®.


Primarily because of the health and safety issues surrounding their storage and distribution, supplying the aftermarket with heavy and potentially hazardous products presents distributors with particular challenges. However, ECOBAT European Battery Distribution has the logistical skills and infrastructure to ensure that its customers have access to the batteries they need, when they need them.


In addition to excellent product quality and first class supply, ECOBAT European Battery Distribution provides very high levels of customer service. This involves working closely with distributors to assist them to develop battery sales more effectively and includes extensive marketing support, promotional initiatives, technical training and advice.


As a group, ECOBAT is acutely aware of its environmental responsibilities, particularly in the area of waste management. However, in addition to the obvious benefit to the world community, proactive environmental policies can also directly benefit the group’s customers.


Due to the specialist expertise within the lead smelting and waste collection companies that are also part of the wider ECOBAT group, ECOBAT European Battery Distribution is able of offer its customers a ‘closed recycling loop’ for their scrap lead-acid batteries.


The loop begins with the smelting facilities to produce both pure and recycled lead into the ingots required by the battery manufacturers to produce batteries. ECOBAT European Battery Distribution then both distributes these new batteries to its customers throughout Europe and collects their old waste batteries.


The waste batteries are then safely dismantled by other businesses in the group and the constituent parts are recycled: the cases into polypropylene, the sulphuric acid into gypsum for the building trade and the lead is returned to the smelting operations to be turned back into ingots for the battery manufacturers.


This interconnected process means that ECOBAT European Battery Distribution can recycle more than 95% of every waste battery it collects!


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