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Written on October 21, 2014 at 6:39 pm

Lucas – The Byword For Quality Batteries

As the UK’s largest automotive battery distributor, Manbat Ltd is keen to provide Fast Parts and its customers with more details to help them understand just what powerful a proposition the Lucas brand provides.

“The battery is one of the few components that by their outward appearance are almost impossible to gauge the condition of,” says Manbat’s marketing manager, Myles Pemberton. “We obviously put a lot of thought into the design of our labels so that they look attractive and contain the important information that is needed to ensure that each battery is appropriate for the application, but it’s what is under the surface that makes the difference and that’s difficult for both factors supplying and technicians fitting batteries to judge.

“It is because of this difficulty that we wish to provide a transparent explanation of what is under the surface of the typical Lucas lead-acid battery and the technology behind the lead plates that are central to its quality, reliability and power.

“As we often say, as a general rule, the only way to make a battery cheap is to reduce the amount of lead it contains, because that is the most expensive component. However, the flip side is that the fewer and thinner the lead in the cells, the less powerful and long-lasting will be its ultimate performance.

“By contrast, our Lucas Premium and Supreme batteries are manufactured on our behalf by one of the most respected global battery manufacturers, Johnson Controls Inc. (JCI), the company behind the famous VARTA® brand.

“These JCI manufactured products are manufactured without compromise and incorporate a revolutionary lead plate design that ensures the most efficient energy transfer and therefore delivers powerful consistent performance.

“This performance is achieved by a manufacturing process that allows the plates to be produced from a single sheet of precision rolled and stamped lead, which ensures a punched plate that is consistent to within 0.0254 of a millimetre and optimises conductivity, while also increasing its resistance to corrosion. This is why we can guarantee the long-term reliability of these batteries and why factors can have complete confidence in supplying, and technicians in fitting, a Lucas battery.

“Although other batteries might utilise a plate design that is formed into a grid-like structure, unless the holes in the lead are stamped out and to the most efficient design, they cannot produce consistent power and are prone to corrosion, particularly at the points where the lead is ‘stretched’ and ‘split’ to form its grid. This leads to the breakdown of the plate within the battery’s cell.

“As this short piece makes clear, there’s so much more to a battery than its outward appearance so we hope this explanation proves to be useful and we challenge readers to give Lucas a try. We know they won’t be disappointed!”

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