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Written on June 21, 2014 at 5:57 pm

Manbat – The Complete Battery Partner

Manbat is the UK’s largest automotive and commercial vehicle battery distributor whose 12-branch network strategically located across the length and breadth of the country allows it to supply a top quality range of batteries to motor factors and their garage customers nationwide.

Its three core brands are VARTA®, for which Manbat is the primary UK distribution partner, Lucas, for which it is the sole UK distributor and Numax, which is a brand wholly owned by Manbat itself. Together these brands provide workshops with the solution for all their battery needs, whether the requirement is for traditional flooded lead-acid batteries or top-of-the-range AGM batteries for vehicles fitted with the most sophisticated Start-Stop systems.

Alongside these premium bands, Manbat is renowned for its customer service, which ensures that as well as the product offering, its customers also have access to the products they need when they need them and the support to enable them to maximise the profit potential they provide.

Manbat’s central distribution hub in Shrewsbury has a storage capacity of almost 3,000m2, which ensures that product availability is first rate, not just in the summer when demand is low, but also in the autumn and winter when the demand for batteries is at its greatest and many lesser suppliers struggle to supply their customers due to a lack of stock.

In addition to the products and their availability, another area in which Manbat excels is its customer support. With more than 60 years experience in the battery industry, Manbat’s internal infrastructure and knowledge of the market allows it to provide a comprehensive level of support to its customers through advice, training (sales and technical) and marketing support.

When it comes to battery technology for example, Manbat has been at the vanguard when informing workshops of the challenges that the increase in the number of vehicles fitted with a Start-Stop system and now entering the workshop will have on the typical independent and subsequently, equipping them with the solution to enable them to turn these challenges into profit making opportunities.

While new technology is constantly moving the industry forward, the basics concerning traditional battery handling and testing cannot be ignored and again here Manbat provide the information the workshop needs.

Whether the message is for technicians to understand how to test, maintain and handle batteries, or to design and implement a battery management programme for a fleet operator, Manbat has the experience to provide the solution for each and every requirement.

Perhaps the final element in Manbat’s all round offering is waste management policy.

Manbat is part of the ECOBAT Technologies group, which allows it to offer its customers a unique ‘in-house’ environmental recovery programme. In practice, this means that Manbat is able to state that 99.97% of each and every battery it collects through its waste management scheme, will be recycled into polypropylene, gypsum or lead for use in a variety of industries, which is a truly impressive statistic, particularly for a potentially hazardous product!

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