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Written on February 21, 2013 at 4:07 pm


Manbat is the UK’s largest automotive battery distributor and provides parts wholesalers and their garage customers with the very best in the quality of products it supplies – VARTA®, Lucas and Numax – and the level of service support it delivers – training, marketing and advice.

Nowadays however, these important elements also need to be backed up by a reliable waste management policy that ensures that the environmental and legislative responsibilities of those selling batteries to their trade customers are taken seriously and fulfilled completely.

This is another area in which Manbat excels and where being part of the Eco-Bat Technologies group brings even greater benefits to its customers. It also allows Manbat to be able to state that its ‘closed-loop’ waste management policy ensures that 99.7% of each battery it collects is recycled.

This is only possible because within the group there are companies that specialise in all the processes that are necessary to enable automotive, commercial vehicle and related batteries to be recycled fully and responsibly. So in addition to Manbat, whose primary function is to distribute and sell new batteries, there are also businesses that dismantle, separate and process the elements that make up each battery.

The processed elements are then resupplied into a number of industries as important core products. These include the sulphuric acid in the battery’s electrolyte, which is recycled into gypsum, the battery cases which are recycled into polypropylene and of course the lead, which is processed though Eco-Bat’s own smelters to be supplied as lead strip, wire or shot and as lead ingots to many of the world’s battery manufacturers, so completing the circle.

It is for these reasons that Manbat believes it provides a scrap battery-recycling scheme that is the benchmark for the industry. It can offer its customers a complete service that not only takes the worry out of battery waste, but can also turn that waste into extra profits, which can be ploughed back into the business.

As unfortunately seems to be the case with every piece of government legislation, there is an inevitable bundle of paper work that accompanies the disposal of waste batteries. However, Manbat can help its customers deal with the time-consuming and confusing administration process by completing the Environment Agency scrap registration form and ensuring that is then updated annually.

For customers that supply a lot of batteries and therefore collect a large number of scrap batteries, Manbat can provide a scrap battery bin, which can be conveniently located on the premises. When the bin is full, a phone call is all that is required to have the full bin collected and a new scrap bin delivered. Smaller customers however can simply arrange for the collection of the old battery when the new one is being delivered.

Bearing in mind the high rate of recycling efficiency that can be achieved from a scrap battery and the high cost of lead on the global metal markets, scrap batteries can yield several hundred pounds per ton. Therefore, sensible waste management can be a profitable exercise as well as being a highly responsible approach to a potentially hazardous waste product.

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