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Written on July 21, 2014 at 6:01 pm

Numax – High On Quality & Competitive On Price

Manbat, the UK’s largest automotive battery distributor, introduced its Numax brand in 2002 to commemorate the company’s 50th anniversary. Since its launch, the awareness of the brand has become almost universal and it has established itself as one of the country’s most popular aftermarket brands.

To equip the brand, and those distributing it, for the next decade, Manbat has refreshed its visual identity, as well as the product offering within both the automotive and commercial vehicle range.

Marketing manager, Myles Pemberton, explains the rationale: “The quality of the Numax product has never been in question, which is one of the reasons behind the brand’s great success. However, we recognise that there has been a shift in the market in recent years as a host of very cheap, low quality batteries have flooded the aftermarket and disrupted its balance.

“Therefore, although we will not compromise in the quality of the Numax range, we have refreshed the product offering to reflect the contemporary requirements of our automotive customers. As a result, we have refreshed the Numax image and extended the range provide a three-model line up to include the Standard and Supreme products alongside the existing Premium.

Although the majority of sales will continue to be of the Premium offering, as both the automotive and CV versions are high quality batteries that provide a long service life, the Standard and Supreme models respectively provide the solution for reliable and trustworthy performance at a lower cost and the crème de la crème, when peak performance is the prime concern.

“As would be expected of a brand with such strong consumer awareness, particularly in the leisure and marine sectors, where it is the premium brand and the most popular original equipment (OE) fitment with many luxury yacht builders, each model incorporates the latest battery technology.

“The entire Numax automotive range is produced on our behalf by OE battery manufacturers, so in addition to their sealed status, these batteries also feature market leading punch-plate technology, which means they have a level of durability that the cheap alternatives simply cannot reach.

“Although the price should always come way behind the quality factor, the presence of many low quality and cheap batteries in the market means that we have to price the range at a level that enables our customers to compete.

“So the final benefit of the refreshed range is our ability to realign the pricing of the Standard model to a level that makes such a high quality product competitive. In short, the new Numax automotive range delivers high quality, but is now priced at an entry level and so provides buyers with an awful lot of battery for a very small outlay.”

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