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Group Auto Inform Nov ’15

Written on November 26, 2015 at 9:52 am

Numax, A Brand To Rely On

Whatever the season, Numax has a battery range or ancillary product to fit the requirements of any GROUPAUTO member and with winter around the corner, it pays to trust in a brand with such a proven track record.


Launched by Manbat in 2002, Numax was introduced to commemorate the company’s 50th anniversary and to provide the highly successful battery distributor, with a brand of its own.


The response to the brand’s introduction, from across the aftermarket, was extremely enthusiastic and it took little time to become established and remains a firm favourite with GROUPAUTO members.


Since 2002, the initial automotive offering has grown and the number of industrial sectors in which the brand is active, has expanded to include virtually every conceivable area of power storage related requirement. Indeed, in the leisure and marine sectors, Numax is now widely recognised as the market leading brand in terms of both its quality and share of the market.


In 2014, Manbat took the automotive and CV offerings through a fundamental review, following which the range grew to encompass three models that reflect the needs of members and their customers.


The entire automotive and CV ranges, which both comprise Standard, Premium and Supreme models, are produced on behalf of Manbat by OE battery manufacturers, so in addition to their sealed and therefore maintenance-free status, these batteries also feature market leading punch-plate technology that means they have a level of durability that many other brands simply cannot reach.


Among the benefits of offering members a three model range is the ability to supply the most suitable battery for the application, while still enjoying the common values of the brand and the consistent supply logistics provided by a single source supplier.


So while certain part numbers are naturally available across the model range, members are able to cater for the everyday variables of the vehicle for which it is intended. In this way, although they are able to supply the Numax Premium, which will generally prove a good solution for most applications, they have the option of supplying the Supreme, which is particularly suitable for diesel vehicles or those with extremely high electrical performance demands. At the other end of the spectrum, they are also able to supply the Standard for the smaller or older vehicle.


An additional benefit with the Standard is its ability to provide members with a high quality alternative to the many low quality batteries that presently swamp the market, but at an entry-level price that enables members to compete.


Numax Start-Stop Batteries

Members and their customers are now really seeing the market changes as more vehicles fitted with a Start-Stop system are starting to enter the workshop, which is why sales of AGM (absorbed glass mat) and EFB (enhanced flooded battery) batteries are on the increase. To cater for this demand, Manbat also offers two high quality Start-Stop specific batteries in the range with the Numax EFB and Numax AGM.


Both versions feature higher cyclic stability and recharge more quickly than conventional lead-acid batteries. These characteristics are essential for Start-Stop vehicles, especially when fitted to vehicles that employ advanced systems such as regenerative braking and other fuel-saving technologies.


In addition to the significant benefits that are inherent in the range, members choosing Numax also benefit from a level of availability that remains unmatched in the UK aftermarket. So as the nights draw in and the temperatures drop, members would be wise to side with the UK’s leading battery supplier and a brand they can rely on.

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