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Group Auto Inform Autumn

Written on November 26, 2015 at 9:51 am

Where should you put your trust this winter?

Most GROUPAUTO members will have built their reputations with their customers by their ability to supply the replacement components that workshops need to complete the service and repair work they undertake, in the shortest possible timeframe.  Add into this equation that workshops no longer want to carry much stock, particularly of bulky items, and then product availability becomes a key factor in the success of members’ businesses.


When it comes to replacement batteries, availability takes on an even greater emphasis as nowadays it is becoming increasingly obvious that there is no way around a ‘flat’ battery.


Supplier promises of excellent availability and depth of range are easy to make, particularly when the weather is fine and the demand is low, but it is as the temperatures drop and demand increases, that the substance behind the promises is really tested.


It is not by chance that Manbat is the UK’s largest automotive and commercial vehicle battery distributor. Rather it’s the result of investment, long term planning and a customer focused business ethos that demands that service is king.


Manbat is able to support members whatever the circumstances because it has built the infrastructure that is required for that level of commitment to its customers and many members will have experienced first-hand how the company has delivered for them when it really counts and their reputation is on the line.


The practical reality of this infrastructure investment means that Manbat holds approximately 300,000 batteries in stock throughout its 13 depots, spread across the length and breadth of the county. This stock holding allows the company to cover, to all intents and purposes, 100% of the vehicle parc and therefore provides members with the solution for every conceivable battery related challenge.


In addition to having this vast battery resource in its UK warehouses, Manbat also has the means to ensure that these batteries reach their destination when and where they are needed via a fleet of almost 60 wholly owned delivery vehicles.


When it comes to the batteries themselves, the byword is quality. Quality of manufacture, quality in performance and quality in terms of reliability as alongside VARTA® stand Lucas and Numax, brands that GROUPAUTO members trust and respect.


Each of these brands provide the depth of range that members need and include standard, premium and supreme versions of tradition style lead-acid batteries, as well as AGM and EFB batteries for vehicles that incorporate start-stop technology.


A massive stock holding and an excellent level of availability also has benefits when it comes to being able to provide the solution for other business sectors. Although clearly automotive and CV batteries will always make up the vast majority of the sales for GROUPAUTO members, being able to supply batteries for the leisure, marine or motorcycle sectors, for example, also provides great opportunities and these variants are all available in the Lucas and Numax product ranges.


Manbat also has the accessories that make any power storage package complete. The NOCO range of battery chargers and booster packs are particularly popular and will become even more so as the winter bites.


Well charged batteries save many woes for motorists, but for those who’ve been let down with battery failure, the NOCO GB30 Genius BOOST can get them going and into the nearest workshop.


Whether supplied to their workshop customers, or direct to the motorist, this devices sets new standards when it comes to portable power and is practical for both the public and the professional as it is capable of starting a petrol vehicle with up to a 6.0-litre engine or a 3.0-litre diesel for as many as 20 times on one charge.


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