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Written on November 26, 2015 at 9:54 am

Are you prepared for Winter?

Supplier promises of excellent availability and depth of range are easy to make, particularly when the weather is fine and the demand is low, but it is as the temperatures drop and demand increases, that the substance behind the promises is really tested.


It is not by chance that Manbat is the UK’s largest automotive and commercial vehicle battery distributor. Rather it’s the result of investment, long term planning and a customer focused business ethos that demands that service is king.


When it comes to the batteries themselves, the byword is quality. Quality of manufacture, quality in performance and quality in terms of reliability, as alongside VARTA® stand Lucas and Numax, brands that GROUPAUTO members trust and respect.


Both the Lucas and Numax brands provide the depth of range that members need and include classic/standard, premium and supreme versions to cater for everything from a standard commercial vehicle with low energy requirements, through to high performance vehicles with large power demands.


Manbat also has the accessories that make any power storage package complete. The NOCO range of battery chargers and booster packs are particularly popular and will become even more so as the winter bites.


To help members, Manbat has produced an informative ‘Prepare for Winter’ brochure, available in either Lucas or Numax branding, which sets out the application requirements and highlights the depth of the range.


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