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Written on June 21, 2014 at 5:57 pm

Manbat & GROUPAUTO – Perfect Partners

Following the renewal of its status as an approved GROUPAUTO supplier, Manbat is pleased to be able to set the scene in advance of some very exciting developments, which will help members to grow their battery sales and therefore their profits.

As was recently announced through the pages of Inform and the trade press, Manbat has fundamentally overhauled and relaunched the Numax product offering to reflect the need for members to continue to deliver a first rate product when if comes to quality, but at a price to allow them to compete in the current tough trading conditions.

Over the next few months Manbat will produce a series of articles that will give members a greater understanding of the products in the Numax range, where they fit in the overall market and what makes them distinct. In addition to increasing their knowledge and therefore further equipping members to develop their sales, Manbat will bring some other added value opportunities into play, which will further strengthen the already good relationship it has with members.

Technology is one of the areas that always seems to raise the interest of those that make a living from the automotive aftermarket, but it’s often difficult to relate to technology in a product such as a battery that has no obvious moving parts and just looks like a plastic box. However, the technology utilised under the surface is impressive and the plan is to also try to bring this aspect of the product into focus.

Customer service is one of the most important weapons Manbat has in its considerable armoury, which is why it will also be developing its offering to members from a marketing perspective.

In addition to Numax, Manbat also distribute Lucas and VARTA® as well as GROUPAUTO’s own Powerstart brand, so there are many opportunities through which members can develop their product offering to their customers and Manbat is 100% behind them to help them exploit every possible angle to do so.

The future is bright together!

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