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Written on November 21, 2013 at 5:32 pm

Manbat Asks: Are You Prepared For Winter?

With the busy winter season fast approaching for everyone involved in the automotive and commercial vehicle replacement battery market, GROUPAUTO members can be reassured by the fact that Manbat has made sure it is well prepared for the period, no matter what the weather throws at us.

During the last two winters the country has had to deal with some very cold weather, with temperatures well below freezing for prolonged periods of time. These events seem unlikely to be freak occurrences as there are already predictions of early frosts and unseasonable weather on the horizon.

As members will know, weak or failing batteries are greatly affected by the sub-zero temperatures, and, more often than not, such conditions will be enough to kill off a weak battery.

This is obviously great news across the group as it creates a huge demand for batteries as motorists turn to workshops, and they in turn rely on members to supply their battery needs. It is here that Manbat is able to help members make sure they have what they need in terms of their battery stock, as well as providing them with additional supplies when they need them.

With more than 100,000 square feet of fully stocked warehousing space, and its own fleet of 70 plus delivery vehicles, Manbat is well able to service members with all their battery requirements, wherever in the country they may be located.

With its three ‘signature’ brands of VARTA®, Lucas and Numax, which are all sourced from European original equipment factories, Manbat provides members with a top quality solution that no other supplier can offer.

VARTA products are completely unmatched with regards to the technology they employ and the quality they provide members and their customers. In Lucas they have a brand that is widely recognised, is associated with premium quality and fits well with the other quality products like the bulbs, wipers and rotating electrics that come under the same brand name, and which create one of the UK’s most widely recognised multi-product brand offerings. Finally, Manbat has the Numax brand, which it wholly owns and which once again offers members the very best in terms of quality and performance.

In anticipation of the onset of the cold weather Manbat has some incredible winter stock deals on all its brands and product lines, which gives members the opportunity to purchase their winter stock before the cold weather really takes hold.

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