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Written on January 27, 2016 at 1:56 pm

Alongside premium quality brands such as VARTA®, Lucas and Numax, Manbat is also renowned for the support services it provides GROUPAUTO members in order for them to make the best out of the opportunities that battery and battery related products present them.


During 2015, Manbat introduced the NOCO range of battery chargers and booster packs and the ‘Connect + Reset’ battery validation tool, two product extensions that have proved popular among members.


In addition, as well as promoting a battery testing campaign to garages through which members can proactively engage with their customers, Manbat has now unveiled its battery look-up search tool, a battery identification focused website, that specifically assists members with their battery verification issues.


When using the look-up – – members simply need to enter the registration number of the vehicle in question into the search box and the site will use a sophisticated VRM look-up database to locate the correct vehicle and provide access to its vehicle-specific details. This information naturally includes the exact specification of the battery for which it is designed, and therefore provides an absolute assurance to members that they are supplying the precise replacement the vehicle manufacturer has specified for that model.


In addition to the VRM look-up, the site allows members to find the correct battery replacement via two alternative routes should the registration number for some reason not be available. The first is via the vehicle’s own specific identification or VIN number, which it then links through to the database in the same way as the VRM search, the second is a vehicle search menu.


Here members use an easy to use and intuitive suite of drop-down boxes to locate the vehicle in the shortest possible number of selections. So both routes allow members to make the identification process extremely quick, while maintaining the accuracy they need.


“The introduction of a battery look-up facility allows us to expand the level of support we give to members with a tangible mechanism that they can use every day,” said Manbat’s marketing manager, Myles Pemberton. “Not only does it make the task of finding the correct replacement battery easy and accurate, it also allows them to link into several other useful resources, which can help them and their customers.


“By creating an account, which is completely free to members of the trade, members can login and access helpful information concerning several matters including fitting instructions and battery specification sheets, as well as battery handling information and do’s and don’ts when if comes to batteries both installed on the vehicle and stored in a warehouse.


“Naturally, the look-up portal links in with the main Manbat website from where members can find out more about any aspect of the business including its UK branch network and sister companies that operate in Europe.


“It also contains a raft of information concerning the brands the company distributes and the alternative sectors those brands cater for. This is particularly useful for members exploring the option of expanding their offering to include other sectors such as leisure or marine, where the profit margin is substantially greater than it is in the ultra competitive world of automotive and commercial vehicle batteries.”

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