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Written on August 13, 2015 at 8:12 am

Don’t Overlook Batteries Says Manbat

In common with the passenger vehicle sector, statistics from across Europe confirm that battery related problems are regularly the reason behind commercial vehicle (CV) breakdowns.


“Therefore the lessons to learn are two-fold,” says Myles Pemberton, marketing manager for Manbat, the UK’s largest automotive battery distributor. “First is that batteries are an excellent profit opportunity for both CV motor factors and workshops and second, fleet and owner operators still need to understand the importance of maintaining their batteries.


“Naturally, not all battery related callouts will require the purchase of a new battery, but many will. It is therefore very important that factors have access to the good quality batteries their customers need and that they can be certain that their supplier will have sufficient stock to fulfil their requirements, particularly when the weather gets extreme.


“Although some might opt for a ‘whatever will do’ approach to battery replacement, a more responsible – and I might add, more profitable – approach is to supply a quality product that will prove reliable over the longer term.


“Although fleet operators never want to have to replace their batteries, they’d be far happier to pay 50% more for something that will last three years or more, rather than pay a bit less and have to replace them a year later! So by supplying a quality product, factors can help their workshop customers to make more profit, while delivering a greater level of customer satisfaction to the operator.


“When it comes to operators understanding how they can get the best from their batteries, workshops are ideally placed to help and advise them.


“Simple examples such as explaining that 80% of battery failures are a result of poor charge maintenance and that the alternator will often not fully recharge the battery on a vehicle used for short distance, multidrop work. However, regular mains charging can increase the serviceable life of a battery by two years or more!


“Despite looking like a simple plastic box, batteries are complex and need care, which is why we want to work with proactive CV factors and their customers to help them develop their battery business and reap the extra profits that will follow.”


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