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Written on March 3, 2016 at 12:13 pm

What Might Be Round The Corner?

Although workshops that deal with the service and repair of passenger cars will be becoming more familiar with micro hybrid vehicles (those fitted with a stop-start system), to date the technology has not really been relevant in the heavy duty sector.


Granted, some light commercial vehicles (LCV), such as the Mercedes Sprinter and the Ford’s Transit ECOnetic, incorporate a stop-start system, but beyond these and similar LCV examples, the typical CV workshop has had little exposure to the technology. However, with the launch of Cummins’ new stop-start system for its ISB engines, things could be about to change.


Modern batteries such as the Lucas and Numax Supreme CV are designed with a high cyclic capacity and are therefore ideal for the demands of high performance vehicles with large power requirements, as well as for those that feature a stop-start engine, like the new Cummins unit.


High output capacity and cyclic performance are linked, both through the design of the lead plates and their number. The Lucas and Numax Supreme CV features multiple plates that have been punched out of solid lead sheet to provide the most efficient method of power transfer, which allows workshops to fit these batteries with confidence.

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