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Written on October 21, 2014 at 6:37 pm

Powerstart Proves To Be A Winner

Last year, alongside its existing brands of VARTA®, Lucas and Numax, Manbat was awarded a supply contract for the Powerstart brand. Such has been the popularity of the range with GROUPAUTO G-Truck members and Top Truck workshops during the intervening 12 months, that this initial agreement has now been extended and they can enjoy the substantial benefits of continuity in both the quality and availability of the brand.

“Members fully appreciate that batteries are always subject to tremendous price pressure and that many suppliers tackle the issue by offering a low quality product at the cheapest possible price,” says marketing manager, Myles Pemberton, “but this does nothing for the reputation of the aftermarket in the eyes of operators who find they have been sold a battery that fails prematurely.

“However, as members supplying Powerstart are very well aware, this is not an issue that has affected these batteries, because although the product is very competitively priced, their quality is first class.

“Traditionally, the only way to produce a cheap battery is to reduce the amount of lead it uses in its construction through fewer and thinner plates. Lead is the most expensive element in a battery, so the less lead the lower the cost. However, the lower the lead content, the lower the battery’s efficiency and overall quality. Hence, you generally get what you pay for.

“However, because Manbat is part of the ECOBAT Technologies group, which includes the world’s largest producer of lead and is supplier to many of the world’s original equipment (OE) battery manufacturers, we have the quantities of scale and the relationships to ensure our batteries can be competitively priced, but without compromising on their quality.

“So, in keeping with our core principles, all the models in the Powerstart range, whether for CV or automotive application, are quality products, produced to our specification by a reputable OE battery manufacturer. This allows us to supply them with a two-year warranty, which matches or betters most batteries in the market.”

Available through the G-Logix distribution centre, the Powerstart range provides members with a quality product at extremely competitive prices, which means they have a brand at their disposal that allows them to react to the demands of their customers when price becomes the central issue.

Unlike some of the other products in the distribution centre, the Powerstart range is supplied to members directly by Manbat in the same way that it delivers orders for the other brands in its portfolio. This is primarily because of the health and safety issues surrounding the storage and distribution of more hazardous products like batteries, but also because the group as a whole recognises the excellent level of service that Manbat provides to the members on a daily basis and therefore knows that the product distribution is in safe hands.

As well as developing the range, which now sits at 14 part numbers and increasing its specification, product availability is also excellent and members are able to vary their orders from pallets to single orders, depending on their requirements.

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