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Written on October 21, 2014 at 6:38 pm


The Business Behind The Name

Manbat Industrial
With the August 2014 acquisition of PowerCell Industrial Battery Engineers reinforcing the 2011 purchase of Battery Power Systems, Manbat Industrial has become a major force in the industrial battery supply and maintenance sector.

The invisible thread that linked these previously independent businesses – Manbat/Battery Power Systems/PowerCell – was their shared desire to provide exceptional customer service and support, alongside a range of quality products. This common ethos has made the transition into a single entity far less problematic than might have been and has meant that the triumvirate’s existing customers have not been disaffected by the change.

In fact the reverse is the case as many are already experiencing the additional benefits of the new organisation, that has, rather than reduce the size of its combined sales force, a practice automatically enforced following the majority of similar acquisitions, the Manbat Industrial team has grown to respond to the opportunities in the market and provide a truly national service.

Market Overview
In order to control costs, the industrial battery market, in common with many other industries, has undergone a reduction in both the number of those employed directly, as well as those employed by independent service providers, which has led to a decline in specialist market knowledge within the industry.

In addition to this loss of experience, many businesses have also extended the replacement cycle on their equipment to further reduce overheads, a combination that can lead to equipment failure and the inevitable knock on effect of disruption to the orderly running of the business.

Manbat Industrial however exists to resolve these issues for its customers and has a wealth of experience that it can bring to bear in order to deliver a level of support to its customers that can make a tangible difference to their businesses.

Making A Difference
With 32 national engineers, all of whom have substantial experience in the power storage sector, Manbat Industrial can provide its customers with a full package of benefits derived from its service driven business ethos.

Batteries represent a sizable investment for a business, but without the correct maintenance regime, there is a danger they will not return the anticipated number of cycles – charge, discharge, charge – during their planned lifespan, which means they would need to be replaced early, with the subsequent cost that the business would incur. The correct charging package is therefore vital.

MI’s field engineers have the knowledge and experience to choose the right battery/charger combination to be the most effective. Looking after this important investment with the best care package can prolong the lifespan of the batteries considerably and result in less down time and therefore will deliver greater warehouse efficiency.

It should go without saying, that customers need to have the right battery for the right application to begin with. However, this is often where difficulties can arise because there can be a tendency to look at the short-term cost of the initial purchase of the batteries, rather than the long-term cost to the business over the projected lifespan of the batteries.

As a general rule, a cheap battery to purchase will not provide a cheap solution over the long-term because it will probably require topping up more regularly or will just not last as anticipated and need to be replaced, therefore negating its lower initial purchase price.

Manbat Industrial has very close relationships with several quality battery manufacturers, so in addition to its market experience that ensures it will specify a battery and maintenance regime that is suitable for the application, it is also able to support the package by being able to offer a competitive initial purchase price for the batteries.

In order to deliver the full benefits of its customer service orientated approach to business, Manbat Industrial is committed to working with its customers in a true partnership.

By investing in experienced people, it is able to build the relationships that are necessary to work in partnership and to be able to provide a flexible tailored solution for each and every one of its customers. This business ethic serves to both prolong the service life of the power storage package, but also build a long-term sustainable business relationship with is partners.

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