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Manbat CAT Training April ’14

Written on March 21, 2014 at 5:41 pm

Training is an incredibly wide subject area, so in addition to hands-on fitting procedures and technical ‘best practice’, it must also include sales development.

Over the last couple of years Manbat has been raising awareness of the seismic changes that will hit the workshop as the number of vehicles that incorporate start-stop technology mushroom.

Manbat’s marketing manager, Myles Pemberton explains: “When it comes to dealing with the batteries in these (start-stop) vehicles, workshops will be faced with some real challenges because they can’t adopt the current practices they use when dealing with traditionally lead-acid batteries and just ‘swap the battery’.

“The relationship between the battery and the electrical system is far more intimate and the fitting process far more complicated as it requires specialist equipment, which is totally different to what many workshops are used to.

“This is why we’ve teamed up with industry training experts eXponentia to help workshops understand the issues and get to grips with the processes.

“When is comes to sales training,” continues Pemberton, “our area managers work with our customers to help them to think outside the traditional constraints of the automotive battery season and look at how they may extend their battery business into new more profitable areas and over a longer timescale.

“Nowadays batteries are required for all manner of equipment, from mobility to leisure. This means that there is clearly a large battery market, so it’s really just a case of how our customers can position themselves to benefit.

“Manbat supplies batteries into virtually every sector, so it has the knowledge and experience necessary to help its customers develop their battery business, which is part of the service we offer.”

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