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Written on April 21, 2014 at 5:50 pm

New Identity, Same Reliable Service

Since the acquisition of BPS in late 2011, Manbat has been busy integrating its business systems and highly experienced sales and technical teams into one powerful organisation operating under the title Manbat Industrial.

Manbat Industrial has also increased the number of its branches to four, which now include Washington and Bristol, in addition to its original site in East Kilbride and Manbat’s head office in Shrewsbury. This development has given the business a truly national reach.

Another element in the company’s integration is its marketing and support material, which has been fundamentally overhauled and rebranded to reflect the change in its corporate identity.

The Manbat Industrial presentation pack contains nine individual leaflets, which cover the batteries, watering systems, chargers and accessories it supplies, as well as detailing the company’s nationwide service package and some useful battery maintenance advice. All are available now, either separately or in a robust presentation folder.

Perhaps the most eye opening is the company’s environmental information, which sets out how Manbat Industrial is able to demonstrate its ability to recycle very nearly 100% of its battery waste.

This impressive statistic is made possible by the fact that Manbat is part of the ECOBAT Technologies group and within the group there are lead smelters, battery collection specialists, as well as battery distributors, like Manbat.

Despite its hazardous reputation, the components of a lead-acid battery can all be recycled. The lead can be re-smelted into a multitude of products including lead shot, strip and wire, the battery cases into polypropylene and the sulphuric acid into gypsum for the building trade.

“One of our guiding principles,” says marketing manager, Myles Pemberton, “is to integrate the companies that come into the ECOBAT Technologies group in an orderly manner. Like Manbat, BPS was privately owned company with a great reputation, so preserving that reputation, while coming into the group was extremely important.

“However, now that we have aligned the businesses, it was important to align all the marketing and support material to correctly reflect the future direction of the business as a whole. We have therefore designed the material in a way that delivers the right information, but looks forward to the growth that we believe will continue apace.”

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