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Written on March 24, 2016 at 12:02 pm

More Profit Options With NOCO

The battery is one of the most vital consumables to ensure the correct operation and reliability of a motor vehicle, but battery related problems continue to be one of the most common causes of breakdown.


Manbat Ltd began supplying NOCO’s Genius range of battery chargers and booster packs last year and they have proved an instant hit.


These top quality products not only benefit factors, but also their workshop customers and the general motorist, due to their high performance, easy usage and resilience.


As the launch of the Genius range was greeted by such enthusiasm, Manbat has introduced additional NOCO products, which have been developed to provide the trade with a broader range that caters for higher loads and a wider variety of vehicles.


The original range included the G1100, a versatile 1.1amp charger suited to smaller batteries between 2.2 and 40Ah and the G3500 with the 3.5amp charger that provides charging capacity for any vehicle with a 1.2 to 120Ah battery.


When it comes to the more powerful chargers aimed primarily at the ‘professional’ user, the existing G7200 7.2amp unit has been joined by the Genius G15000 and G26000, 15amp models that are able to charge and maintain all types of batteries for everything from motorcycles, cars, boats, and motorhomes to commercial vehicles, agricultural machinery and even construction equipment. These chargers also include a ‘supply’ function to deliver a fixed voltage of 13.6V for vehicle service operations and a ‘boost’ setting, which can recover heavily discharged and sulphated batteries.


The entire Genius range are fully automatic ‘intelligent’ chargers and can therefore diagnose the condition of the battery and are able to charge and then exercise the batteries to keep them in optimum condition and maximise their life span, which means that if necessary, they can remain almost permanently connected.


In addition, Genius chargers are not only particularly safe, being protected against reverse polarity, overload protection and short circuit on the clamps, but they are also designed to provide double the charge capacity of a traditional battery charger, making them powerful and easy to use.


Manbat has long been an advocate of battery testing/charging as a complementary service provided by the workshop to motorists and these professional chargers are the ideal products to fulfil that role. However, they also provide the trade with an attractive option for counter sales.

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