Supplying batteries since 1952


Written on February 21, 2013 at 4:05 pm

A Local Presence For Sixty Years

Manbat is the UK’s largest automotive battery distributor and its impressive facility situated in Lancaster Road, Shrewsbury is both the location of its primary logistics operation and the company’s head office.

The company was established by Harry Pemberton in Abergele, South Wales in 1952 and therefore has more than sixty years experience in the battery industry. In 1980 it opened its first branch in Shrewsbury and two years later it began its association with VARTA Batteries of Germany, an association that remains stronger than ever.

To mark its 50th anniversary, Manbat launched the Numax brand and over the last decade this has developed to become the UK’s premier range of leisure batteries for the caravan, motorhome and boating enthusiast.

In 2010, Manbat finally left the Pemberton family and became part of Eco-Bat Technologies, one of the world’s leading suppliers of lead. Eco-Bat annually converts millions of tons of lead waste into high quality lead ingots, strip, wire and shot through its efficient smelters across the globe. Among its many customers are a number of the world’s largest battery manufacturers and some of these brands are subsequently distributed nationally through Manbat’s comprehensive branch network.

Being part of the Eco-Bat Technologies group allows Manbat to be able to offer its customers a complete ‘battery sales through to waste management service’, which means that all of its customers’ environmental responsibilities are fulfilled and certified.

With these assurances in place, many are surprised to learn that it is possible to recycle 99.7% of a scrap lead-acid battery, which makes it one of the recycle-efficient components on a vehicle! The lead element is naturally resupplied into the battery manufacturing process, while other products like gypsum, which comes from the treatment of the sulphuric acid and polypropylene, which comes from recycling the battery cases, is a valuable resource for many other industries.

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