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Written on June 30, 2016 at 7:46 am

Redefining The Standard Of Leisure Batteries

Manbat Ltd, the UK’s largest automotive battery distributor and leading member of ECOBAT’s battery distribution division, is the company behind the respected Numax brand.


Numax has an established reputation for quality and is a prominent brand within the caravan and motorhome community, with thousands of enthusiasts already reliant on its combination of performance, dependability and value.


“In order to ensure the Numax range provides the ideal solution across the full spectrum of possible applications, the entire range has been completely revamped to raise its overall capabilities to match or exceed the highest requirements recognised by the industry,” Marketing Manager, Myles Pemberton explained.


“The obvious industry standard to use to benchmark the revamp is the NCC’s Verified Leisure Battery Scheme because it is has been specifically designed to provide transparency for the leisure battery marketplace and help consumers select a product that’s right for them.


“In addition to conforming to these independent standards, the range now comes in three clearly defined bands, providing a good, better, best progression, which reflects the requirements of individuals across the leisure market.


“The LV range consists of two models, the 75 ampere hour (Ah) 22MF and the 110Ah 30MF, both of which are NCC category C rated.


“For those that need a battery offering more in the way of cyclic capability, the DC range provides the answer. Beginning with the 80Ah 24MF, which is NCC category C rated, the three remaining models are category B rated.


“Specifically designed for motorhome applications, the 25MF is the only battery in the range to also display an EN rating, whereas the equivalent 27MF, which is also 95Ah, does not and therefore remains recommended for leisure applications only. Finally, offering a 105Ah capacity, is the 31MF


“The ‘crème de la crème’ of the range comes in the form of the dual purpose XD series: the XDC, which offers extra cyclic performance and is defined by their striking yellow tops, and the super cyclic performance orientated XDT, which features tubular plates and boasts the ability to deliver up to 1,000 plus cycles.


“The 80Ah 24MF is the best performing battery available in its size, although due to the constraints of its case, it cannot be rated above category C. The 95Ah 27MF and 105Ah 31MF in contrast have the potential of category A ratings.


“At 115Ah, the XDT 30MF is category A rated and features both leisure and canal boat imagery, as it is designed for use in high demand environments such as narrow boats and other equivalent performance orientated applications.


“With this fundamental product redevelopment, we are confident that we now have something that hits the mark for every leisure application and we have therefore reinvented the leisure battery to both reflect the needs of today’s enthusiast and which conform with the best in industry standards.”


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