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Written on April 21, 2014 at 5:44 pm

Manbat On The Exhibition Trail

Customer Support Is The Order Of The Day

After a successful day at the AutoCare show at the Telford International Centre, Manbat already has its sights on the next events in the pipeline as it heads first to Birmingham for the Naidex show and then to Manchester for MECHANEX.

The primary objective of exhibiting at the AutoCare show and the forthcoming MECHANEX show at Event City is to engage with technicians and ensure that they are fully aware of the changing shape of the battery market and how that will affect them in the workshop.

Although visually the battery used in a modern micro-hybrid vehicle (one fitted with Start-Stop technology) will look no different to a traditional lead-acid battery from an older vehicle, they are in fact very different.

It is imperative that technicians are aware of the performance, operational and installation differences between the two batteries, otherwise they are in danger of fitting the wrong battery, which will have undesirable consequences for the workshop and the owner of the vehicle.

Whereas in the past, fitting the wrong amperage battery may not cause an immediate problem, nowadays, fitting a traditional battery into a vehicle with a Start-Stop system is a far more serious issue and is likely to result in the roadside failure of the vehicle, that’s if it even starts the vehicle without an array of its dashboard warning lights being set ablaze!

“Although our day-to-day contact is with our customers, the factors, who supply batteries to the workshop,” explains marketing manager, Myles Pemberton, “exhibiting at shows like AutoCare and MECHANEX is important as it allows us to reach those that are at the coalface and have to install these new batteries.

“Gone are the days of simply disconnecting the leads, changing the battery and reconnecting it. So we need to help technicians through the process and also explain the profit making opportunities that come with the latest battery technology too.”

In addition to the automotive sector, Manbat supplies batteries across many industries and it is to support its customers serving the mobility sector that it is present at Naidex National, the UK’s largest disability, rehabilitation and homecare event.

“Naidex National provides us with an excellent opportunity to raise the awareness of our brands and support our customers that specialise in the mobility sector,” continues Pemberton.

“Manbat doesn’t, and shouldn’t, mean anything to those individuals who visit the show, but the brands we supply: Sonnenschein, the healthcare professional’s choice, and Lucas, the quality alternative, are very relevant and important for them to be aware of. We can also support our customers on a practical level by providing visitors with battery tips and advice, and by directing them to their local mobility battery specialist.”

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