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Manbat Trade Talk May ’14

Written on April 21, 2014 at 5:43 pm


More Opportunities From Manbat

As has been highlighted to CAAR members in previous issues of Trade Talk, Manbat supplies its batteries into many other sectors beyond the automotive and CV aftermarket. However, few are as unusual as the cruise liners that ply their trade on the tourist routes of the world’s oceans.

For those not familiar with these vast floating communities, it’s easy to overlook just what a logistical exercise it really is to replenish supplies and re-organise the whole vessel while the returning passengers disembark and a new cohort of holiday makers board ready to begin their ‘holiday of a lifetime’ adventure.

However, with just a four-hour window, the process starts as soon as the ship is safely moored and is run like a military operation to ensure that nothing holds up the ship and it is ready to go when it is scheduled to depart.

Dockside the new supplies, food, drink, duty-free products or whatever, are moved by the diesel forklifts operating on the dockyard, but once aboard, it’s a fleet of Still electric ride-on pallet trucks, often between 10 and 15 in number, that the crew rely on to ensure everything is quickly and efficiently stowed in the ship’s hold.

With such a short operating window before the ship sets sail, it is imperative that these pallet trucks are fully functional and able to do what’s required of them during the intensive operation. To that end, Carnival Cruises, which incorporates such well-known fleets as Cunard, Costa, Princess, Seabourn, Holland American Line and Carnival, relies on batteries supplied by Manbat (through its industrial division, Manbat Industrial) to power these Still pallet trucks and to enable them to do the job.

“So what’s all this got to with members and theirs businesses I can hear readers ask,” says Manbat’s marketing manager, Myles Pemberton. “Although our expertise is plainly not in sea-borne logistics, it does demonstrate that expert battery advice and support is vital to the smooth running of the vessels in the Carnival Cruises fleet and that businesses need to work together to provide the solution that niche areas demand.

“To maintain an industrial battery theme, many members will use either a forklift or pallet truck in their own warehouses, so we would like to remind them that we are able to support them with batteries for their own vehicles. Beyond this however is the business opportunity that these batteries provide members should they be willing to look beyond their automotive and CV specialism.

“On every industrial estate or business park, including the neighbours of CAAR members, there are businesses that will need industrial batteries. What would be better for them to have a local supplier of industrial batteries?

“As well as the great brands that members associate us with in the automotive sector, we also supply high quality brands to the industrial sector. We also provide training and excellent point-of-sale material, which includes our latest industrial battery leaflets and support literature.

“Now more than ever, at the end of the traditional automotive battery season, is the time for members to look beyond the low price, low margin automotive model and see how they can integrate a high cost, high margin opportunity to run alongside it.”

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