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Written on October 21, 2013 at 5:31 pm


Super Show Offer

Manbat is the UK’s largest automotive battery distributor and the company behind the market leading Numax leisure battery brand, which is why it’s exhibiting at this important event in the leisure enthusiast’s calendar.

The team will be ready to welcome visitors to stand 24 in hall 6, where they can not only take a detailed look at the entire Numax range, but also benefit directly when they pick up a voucher that entitles them to a 5% discount when they purchase a Numax leisure battery.

The voucher can then be redeemed from their local Numax distributor, but if they are unsure where the nearest distributor is located, staff on the Numax stand will be only too pleased to locate their nearest stockist from the their postal code.

Numax is also present at the show in order to support its network of leisure battery distributors. These stockists are at the frontline when dealing with those seeking advice regarding power storage matters and naturally when their existing battery needs replacing. The vouchers given out during the show therefore directly benefit those stockists when the bearer makes a purchase.

Originally founded as Manchester Batteries in 1952 by Harry Pemberton, Manbat has been at the centre of the battery business for more than 60 years. During that time it has witnessed many product developments, not least the launch of the leisure battery, a product designed primarily for the leisure market, which is able to meet the particular demands of the motorhome and caravan fraternity.

Manbat introduced the Numax brand in 2002 to commemorate its 50th anniversary and over the last decade it has grown the brand into a significant player within the automotive sector, whilst also establishing it as the UK’s premier range for the leisure sector.


A Big Brother Joins The All-Star Line-Up

The market leading Numax XV range of leisure batteries has been further strengthened by the introduction of the new DC27MF, which has its first official appearance here at the Motorhome & Caravan Show.

The DC27MF provides users with extra cyclic capability compared with the existing XV27MF, which makes it ideal for applications that need extra power. Although the Ampere hour (Ah) capacity and the battery’s dimensions are identical to the XV27MF, its thicker plates and therefore higher reserve capacity enable it to run for even longer and power more heavy duty applications. The battery is ideal for caravans that are fitted with a motor-mover or those leisure and marine applications where extra reserve capacity is required.

The DC27MF fits alongside the existing 11-model XV range to provide leisure enthusiasts with a multitude of choice starting from the 75 Ah XV23 to the range topping to 235 Ah XV80.

The entire range is manufactured using state-of-the-art plate design, semi-traction paste, envelope construction and gas recombination technology, which means that they will last substantially longer than a conventional flooded leisure battery. As a result, every Numax XV and the new DC battery come with a three-year warranty.

Naturally, all also come with ergonomically designed carrying handles for ease of handling, dual terminals for both clamp and screw lead connection, battery condition ‘windows’ to show the battery’s state of charge, and maintenance free sealed cells for maximum safety and convenience.

Alongside Numax, Manbat Ltd also offers the Lucas Leisure range, which although broadly comparable to the Numax range does include an even more powerful alternative for those that need the ultimate leisure battery.


Numax Continual Use Battery Chargers

One of the essential requirements to prolong the life of a leisure battery is to ensure that it is regularly charged and not allowed to stand in a discharged condition.

In order to help enthusiasts carry out this responsibility easily and conveniently, Numax has developed a range of battery chargers that use state-of-the-art smart technology to deliver an ‘intelligent’ charging solution.

The Numax ‘connect + forget’® range is specifically designed to charge and maintain batteries at their peak performance and features deep discharge recovery, fast cycle charging and long term battery maintenance.

This means that they quickly and efficiently charge discharged or part discharged batteries, but also convert automatically from ‘charge’ to ‘maintenance’ mode once the charging cycle is complete. As a result, Numax chargers can be connected indefinitely, without damage to the battery or danger to the unit, to ensure that the battery is always ready for use and in optimum condition.


Get Converted To Numax

One of the products to show no signs of losing its popularity with the leisure enthusiast is the power inverter. It is little wonder therefore that these products are prominent among the comprehensive range of battery related products that are available under the renowned Numax brand.

Alongside its leisure battery range, sits the Numax ‘connect+convert’® range of power inverters, a line-up that comprises four models: two ‘Modified’ and two ‘Pure Sine Wave’ (PSW) versions.

The purpose of a power inverter is to allow users to operate most of their AC appliances from the DC current supplied by the battery. Particularly useful for powering TV’s, radios, DVD/CD players or satellite systems, these innovative products come into their own in the leisure sector, but can equally be used when using equipment such as laptops and phone chargers.

Modified inverters provide a simple but efficient low-cost alternative to the more complex PSW models. They mimic the key voltage parameters and are therefore good for the operation of pumps, motors and general electrical equipment.

PSW inverters however, are used for more sensitive equipment such as TV’s, satellite controllers and sound systems. The PSW inverter eliminates the interference that can occur through monitors, radios and hi-fi systems and so also work well with CD and DVD players.

Manbat’s Myles Pemberton said: “Power inverters are an important part of the Numax power storage range. The Numax ‘connect+convert’® range provides the leisure fraternity with inverters of both high quality and reliability, which are both hallmarks of the Numax brand.”


Safe Battery Storage With Numax

The Numax Battery Box is the ideal solution when portable power is required for leisure activities as it allows users to connect 12-volt accessories quickly, easily and safely.

The impact resistant polypropylene box accommodates batteries up to 356mm (L) x 208mm (W) x 228mm (H) and features external terminals, a battery power meter, an accessory power socket and a 100amp current rating main on/off switch.

The Numax Battery Box is the safest way to transport a battery for portable power, particularly when an older style non-sealed lead acid battery is being used. The durable construction will keep any accidentally spilt acid away from people, animals and clothing and it incorporates both centre and side handles and an adjustable strap for maximum convenience.

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