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Written on April 21, 2013 at 5:03 pm


Specialist Battery Distribution

Manbat is the UK’s largest distributor of automotive derived batteries and related stored energy products, and at Naidex National, which runs from 30th April to 2nd May, it will be supporting its many mobility battery wholesalers and suppliers visiting the industry’s premier trade show at NEC, Birmingham.

Although some visitors may not be familiar with the name of Manbat, they are sure to know the Sonnenschein brand of batteries for which Manbat is a key UK distributor and Lucas, a brand that is solely distributed throughout the UK by Manbat.

Naturally, Manbat will be exhibiting the latest additions from both of these quality manufacturers, but another important element in their participation in the show is to ensure that interested visitors know where to go in their locality to find a supplier of either one of these highly regarded brands.

Sonnenschein GEL batteries are widely acknowledged to be the ‘gold standard’ batteries for the mobility sector and are the preferred product for the National Health Service and private medical providers alike. The range caters for multiple applications and encompasses capacities from 15 to 200 Ampere hour (Ah) and provides the ultimate in mobility battery performance.

In Lucas, Manbat offer a high quality AGM alternative to the Sonnenschein GEL range, which also provides users with fully sealed and maintenance free technology, with extra deep cycle (the ability to charge, discharge and charge again) capability.

Supporting these quality batteries, Manbat will also display its comprehensive range of battery chargers, which include its own Numax ‘connect+forget’® models and the market leading CTEK brand. All of these chargers feature smart design and intelligent technology, which means that they manage the battery’s charging process and can be left attached virtually indefinitely to ensure the battery performs to its best.

Exhibiting in hall 19 on stand E104 and the Manbat team will be delighted to meet any visitor wishing to discuss their mobility battery requirements or find their nearest stockist.

Manbat is a member of the ECOBAT Technologies group, which comprises lead smelting, the manufacture of lead products for the building industry, battery collection, recycling and waste management and of course, battery distribution.


The First Name In Mobility Batteries

For those that rely on powered vehicles or mobility equipment to aid them in their daily lives, ensuring that they also have a reliable power source for the equipment isn’t just useful; it’s an absolute necessity.

Manbat is proud to be the mobility sector’s largest supplier of Sonnenschein GEL batteries, which are widely regarded to be the premium battery brand for the mobility and healthcare sectors.

The range provides users with a completely maintenance-free battery that uses an electrolyte made from a gel formulation, which means that it is safe, robust and reliable, and cannot spill or leak.

Available in 6 or 12-volt versions and with capacities from 15 to 200 Ampere hour (Ah), the range caters for multiple applications and provides the ultimate solution for virtually all the sectors stored power requirements.

It’s little wonder therefore that Sonnenschein batteries are the preferred product for the National Health Service and private medical providers alike.

For more information about Sonnenschein batteries, or to find your nearest stockist, please call Manbat Customer Services on: 01743 218500 or visit:


Quality & Range From A Great British Name

Lucas is a brand that many show visitors will instantly recognise and trust, as it has a long and proud history across many sectors.

Powered wheelchairs and scooters are only as reliable as the source of power driving them and with Lucas that power source is tested, guaranteed and quality assured to BS EN ISO9001: 2000 certification.

Every battery in the Lucas range is a quality product, manufactured to the most exacting standards and users can relax in the knowledge that it won’t let them down.

Lucas mobility batteries are designed to deliver up to 30% more deep cycling capacity (the ability to be charged, discharged and charged again) than many other standard mobility batteries. This makes them a reliable source of power and enables users to enjoy more trips over a longer lifespan.

Also, every battery is completely maintenance free and totally sealed, so there is no possibility of spillage and is therefore safe to transport.

With a broad variety of voltages and capacities in the range, Lucas mobility batteries gives users the choice they need to cater for any number of powered wheelchair, electric scooter, lift or hoist requirements and provides the power to suit their individual lifestyles.

For details of the Lucas mobility battery range, or to find your nearest stockist, please visit or call Manbat Customer Services on: 01743 218500


Maintaining The Power

Choosing the best battery to power vital mobility equipment is only half of the story because without a good quality charging system it’s ultimately worth nothing.

Good quality mobility batteries are designed to deliver deep cycle performance over a long service life, which means that although they can be almost completely discharged after prolonged use, they can be recharged and restored to a fully charged state ready to be discharged again. However, users need to rely on a quality battery charger designed for the purpose to sufficiently charge these batteries to get the best results.

The Numax ‘connect + forget’® range provides users with the solution. Designed specifically for charging, and importantly maintaining a battery, Numax chargers boast ‘deep discharge recovery’ and ‘fast cycle charging’ features alongside their long term battery maintenance function.

This means that they quickly and efficiently charge discharged or part discharged batteries, but also convert automatically from ‘charge’ to ‘maintenance’ mode once the charging cycle is complete. As a result, Numax chargers can be connected indefinitely, without damage to the battery or danger to the unit, and that the battery is always ready for use and in optimum condition.


Practical Charity Support

Over the last few years Manbat, the UK’s largest battery distributor has been supporting BEN, the UK’s primary motor trade benevolent charity by providing its beneficiaries with a new replacement when the existing battery used to power their mobility equipment fails.

BEN is a national charity that operates from offices in Ascot, Birmingham and Scotland with ten welfare officers working across the regions. Its welfare beneficiaries use more than 700 battery powered mobility products and in addition to the individual welfare cases, BEN also requires batteries for its residential care centres.

As Manbat is a genuinely national distributor with multiple branches across the length and breadth of the country, it is particularly geared to be able to quickly respond to the need irrespective of where it arises. However, being a business that is also based on traditional values of support and care for one another, its overriding desire is to do its bit to try to improve the lives of those who need support.

Commenting on the on-going arrangement Fiona Gorman, BEN’s head of welfare said: “The impact of what Manbat does for us has been enormous. In common with many charity organisations we are being asked to help more people every year, in fact last year the number of beneficiaries increased by 10%.

“However, not only does the free battery service help us financially, but the whole process has been made so easy. Instead of having to find the right battery and carry the cost, we simply call Manbat and the new battery is delivered.

“It’s made such a difference to the lives of our beneficiaries, it’s amazing!”

For Manbat marketing manager, Myles Pemberton, said: “BEN is close to our hearts because unfortunately all too many people from within the automotive sector find themselves having to rely on their expert care. We are therefore really pleased to hear that what we are doing is playing a part in making the lives of those in need just that little bit easier.

“The world of business today can be so all-consuming that it’s very easy to lose the perspective and concentrate only on what drives the bottom line. However, by working with BEN it helps us to focus the mind on the bigger picture and realise we should all be helping one another for the welfare of everyone.”

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