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Written on January 21, 2013 at 3:05 pm

Marketing Support Across All Brands

Businesses that supply VARTA®, Lucas or Numax batteries are now able to benefit from brand new point-of-sale (POS) material designed by Manbat to help them raise the profile of the brands they sell and to assist them to grow their overall battery sales..

The new material is specifically designed to embrace the current imagery of each of the brands and follows the introduction of completely new packaging for the Lucas automotive and commercial vehicle ranges during 2012. Available as posters, product header boards or as A4 leaflets, the material is highly versatile and suitable for workshop waiting rooms and retail product displays, can be hung in a window or placed on the trade counter and therefore allows Manbat’s customers to deploy them in the most convenient and effective locations.

In line with its long held policy of supporting its customers across multiple sectors, Manbat has not just limited the POS material to the automotive and commercial vehicle sectors. Instead it has expanded the reach to cover the marine and leisure sectors too as these sectors are ones that many of its automotive customers have already developed, but also represent the most easily accessible sectors for those who presently only supply automotive batteries and are looking to expand their influence and wish to attack new markets.

In keeping with its desire to provide its customers with clear and straightforward imagery and packaging, Manbat has used the icon system it introduced as part of the Lucas rebranding exercise to clearly indicate what type of vehicles the batteries are suitable for. This means that those seeing the material can tell at a glance whether the batteries featured suit their particular application or need.

Each version (poster, header or A4 leaflet) features a group image of the models in the range. So the Lucas automotive/CV material features the Classic, Premium, Supreme, Fusion and Premium CV, the Lucas leisure features the Leisure and XV Supreme and the marine, the Lucas Marine and XV Supreme. For the Numax brand the automotive/CV version features both the automotive and heavy duty examples of the Premium Silver, while the leisure and marine versions identify the companies standard and XV models. When it comes to VARTA, the batteries features are the Black, Blue and Sliver versions of the VARTA Dynamic range.

Numax and Lucas Catalogues

The revised Numax catalogue, which was released just prior to Automechanika, has proved to be a great hit with customers with many appreciating the comprehensive nature of the publication.

One of its particular benefits is that it includes additional information alongside its battery specification and application guide, with sections focusing on battery characteristics and fault diagnosis, battery testing procedures, health and safety information, CCA testing with digital testers and Manbat’s environmental policy.

It also contains details of some of the other brands in the Manbat range. These include Odyssey, Optima and U.S. Battery, which alongside Numax will cater for virtually every battery application in the automotive, commercial vehicle, motorcycle, leisure, marine, industrial and mobility sectors.

The full-colour catalogue provides an easy-to-use reference tool and Manbat has applied its unrivalled battery knowledge to produce a publication that covers every aspect of battery specification; so the batteries are listed by vehicle make and model, battery capacity, type and case size.

Manbat customers also need to keep an eye out for the new Lucas battery catalogue, which will be the most comprehensive update for the Lucas brand since Manbat became the steward of the iconic brand in 2009.

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