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Written on January 21, 2013 at 3:07 pm


When the market is at best flat, those selling batteries need a supplier that can support them across every area of their battery business, which is why Manbat has been encouraging it’s customers to embrace the opportunities that come with the challenges that micro hybrid or Start-Stop technology present to both the factor and the workshop.

As the number of Start-Stop vehicles entering the independent workshop grows, so will the potential for them to encounter a battery problem that they are simply unable to resolve without specialist knowledge and equipment.

However, with the VARTA® Start-Stop Service Program device from Johnson Controls, combined with the eXponentia training that Manbat can facilitate, workshops have the complete solution for Start-Stop battery fault diagnosis, dependable application reference and installation information.

An additional benefit at every level of the supply chain is that the AGM batteries required for Start-Stop vehicles command a higher premium and deliver a greater margin than a standard lead acid battery, which is something to cheer for the new year!

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