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Written on October 21, 2013 at 5:28 pm


Numax Value
Sadly, along with the many other products within the aftermarket, batteries are always subject to tremendous price pressure. As a result, many suppliers simply resort to offering substandard products at rock bottom prices, which does nothing for the reputation of the market or the supplier.

The good news for CAAR members is that this is not, nor will it ever be, the policy of approved supplier Manbat, who alongside its existing brands of VARTA®, Lucas and Numax has now developed a new brand, Numax Value, to allow members to compete when price becomes the central issue.

In keeping with Manbat’s principles, Numax Value is a quality battery range, produced by a reputable manufacturer and comes with the benefit of a two-year warranty, which matches or betters most batteries in the market.

To exemplify this fact, the 063 has a 44 Ampere hour capacity, which is excellent for a budget brand. The range is also available to members in the same way that they order the existing brands in its portfolio, and is delivered through its 12 branch national network.

Commenting on the supply agreement, sales director Paul Payne said: “We greatly value our existing supply agreements for VARTA, Lucas and Numax, but it is also very satisfying to play a role in assisting members when their need is for a fighting brand.

“Because of our long term business relationships and our buying power with the global battery manufacturers, we are able to provide a good quality product at very competitive prices, which means that members get a great package when the going gets tough. In addition, we are also able to back it up with a level of service that would not generally be available to products targeted at this position in the market. So for members, there’s simple nothing to lose.”

Winter Promotion
To introduce the Numax Value range, Manbat has put together an exciting winter promotion on four popular part numbers: the 017, 063, 075 and 096/100.

On a sliding scale from a minimum order of 10 units, orders from 100 to those in excess of 300, can earn members an extra 1, 2 or 3% discount on the already highly competitive prices of £36.85, £17.50, £24.25 and £29.50 respectively.

Members including the VARTA@, Lucas or Numax brands in their order can increase the level of discount still further, so they should make sure they contact their Manbat area sales manager to find out how to best maximise the discount benefit they can earn.

Leisure Range Addition
Members that have developed their power storage business to include a leisure battery offering will also be pleased to learn that Manbat has extended its market leading Numax XV leisure range with the introduction of the new DC27MF, which had its first official appearance at the Motorhome & Caravan Show in Birmingham.

The DC27MF provides users with extra cyclic capability compared with the existing XV27MF, which makes it ideal for applications that need extra power. Although the Ampere hour (Ah) capacity and the battery’s dimensions are identical to the XV27MF, its thicker plates and therefore higher reserve capacity enable it to run for even longer and power more heavy duty applications. The battery is ideal for caravans that are fitted with a motor-mover or those leisure and marine applications where extra reserve capacity is required.

The DC27MF fits alongside the existing 11-model XV range to provide leisure enthusiasts with a multitude of choice starting from the 75 Ah XV23 to the range topping to 235 Ah XV80.

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