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Written on October 21, 2014 at 6:36 pm

Manbat – Battery Power Systems

Manbat Ltd is the UK’s largest supplier of automotive and commercial vehicle (CV) batteries and therefore has long-standing and highly successful business relationships with many CV parts wholesales, workshops and fleet operators.

As the country’s primary distribution partner for Johnson Controls Inc., the company behind the famous VARTA® brand, Manbat is perfectly placed to provide CV businesses with the replacement batteries they need, when they need them. Generally these batteries will be supplied from one of its 12 regional branches, but on occasion, direct from its main distribution centre in Shrewsbury.

For more that 60 years, customer service has been the byword for Manbat and this service related ethos remains as strong today and is one of the reasons behind the strength of the relationships between the companies it supplies.

Alongside customer service, Manbat also has a well-earned reputation for the quality of the products it supplies and few can match the pedigree of the VARTA brand. As the market leading original equipment (OE) battery for the European CV manufacturers, VARTA is at the forefront of battery technology and many of the developments it has pioneered have set the benchmark for the industry.

CV operators from the one-man-band to the multi-vehicle operation need to manage their fleets professionally to maximise their returns in a fiercely competitive industry. Although at first glance batteries might be considered to be of little relevance in the overall picture, choosing the right battery is in fact a very important step to increasing profitability.

A low initial purchase price may seem tempting at first glance, but it seldom delivers low costs in the long run. This is because operators often forget to include the cost of the downtime and maintenance that can be associated with conventional starter batteries.

The battery servicing costs for even a small fleet fitted with two conventional batteries can have a significant impact on profitability, so the cost argument for fitting better quality batteries is powerful. However, to clearly demonstrate these savings, VARTA has developed a cost savings calculator on its website (, which will reveal the cost savings that can be realised for specific operators.
Operators that opt for VARTA Promotive CV batteries will benefit from the long-term advantages these highly advanced batteries provide. Cost intensive periods of vehicle idleness and maintenance intervals become a thing of the past, as these completely maintenance-free batteries are perfectly suited to the unique challenges that come with running a commercial vehicle in today’s fiercely competitive environment.

Numax – High On Quality & Competitive On Price
Manbat introduced its Numax brand in 2002 to commemorate the company’s 50th anniversary. Since its launch, the awareness of the brand has become almost universal and it has established itself as one of the country’s most popular aftermarket brands.

To equip the brand, and those distributing it, for the next decade, Manbat has refreshed its visual identity, as well as the product offering within both the automotive and CV range.

Marketing manager, Myles Pemberton, explains the rationale: “The quality of the Numax product has never been in question, which is one of the reasons behind the brand’s great success. However, we recognise that there has been a shift in the market in recent years as a host of very cheap, low quality batteries have flooded the aftermarket and disrupted its balance.

“Therefore, although we will not compromise in the quality of the Numax range, we have refreshed the product offering to reflect the contemporary requirements of our automotive and CV customers. As a result, we have refreshed the Numax image and extended the range provide a three-model line up to include the Standard and Supreme products alongside the existing Premium.

Although the majority of sales will continue to be of the Premium offering, as both the automotive and CV versions are high quality batteries that provide a long service life, the Standard and Supreme models respectively provide the solution for reliable and trustworthy performance at a lower cost and the crème de la crème, when peak performance is the prime concern.

“As would be expected of a brand with such strong consumer awareness, particularly in the leisure and marine sectors, where it is the premium brand and the most popular OE fitment with many luxury yacht builders, each model incorporates the latest battery technology.

“The entire Numax automotive range is produced on our behalf by OE battery manufacturers, so in addition to their sealed status, these batteries also feature market leading punch-plate technology, which means they have a level of durability that the cheap alternatives simply cannot reach.

“Although the price should always come way behind the quality factor, the presence of many low quality and cheap batteries in the market means that we have to price the range at a level that enables our customers to compete.

“So the final benefit of the refreshed range is our ability to realign the pricing of the Standard model to a level that makes such a high quality product competitive. In short, the new Numax Standard range delivers high quality, but is now priced at an entry level and so provides buyers with an awful lot of battery for a very small outlay.”

Top Of The Range Lucas CV Battery Addition
Manbat is also pleased to announce the introduction of a new range topping commercial vehicle battery offering under the renowned Lucas brand.

The new Lucas Supreme range of four part numbers, which are available with 140, 170, 180 and 225 Ah capacities, are designed for high performance commercial vehicles with large power demands and high vibration resistance requirements.

Each model in the Supreme CV range incorporates the very latest in original equipment technology, such as a specialist lid design to minimise water consumption by recycling condensed water vapour back into the electrolyte and punched plate grids, to optimise conductivity and ensure low resistance and reduce power loss.

This means that the batteries within the Supreme CV range not only provide high starting efficiency and possess exceptional corrosion resistance, they are also extremely economic for CV operators to run as they are totally sealed and completely maintenance free.

The high performance nature of the Supreme range is reflected in their specification, which exceeds EN4 V3 SHD (Super Heavy Duty) requirements for extreme vibration resistance.

The Supreme range supplements the existing 28-strong Lucas Premium CV and Lucas Classic CV offerings, which together provide CV operators with a complete range of options to satisfy the requirements of their entire fleet.

For further details of any of the products in its comprehensive range, please call Manbat Customer Services on: 01743 218500 or visit:

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