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Written on July 7, 2016 at 10:24 am


Manbat, the UK’s largest automotive battery distributor, has had a successful, long-term distribution relationship with premium quality original equipment (OE) brand VARTA® for more than 30 years.


VARTA provides the ideal solution for every conceivable automotive and commercial vehicle battery requirement and with its automotive orientated Dynamic range caters for everything from the super-mini with lower energy demands, to the highly equipped luxury car and SUV that requires a premium battery that delivers consistently high performance. The combination of high quality batteries and excellent customer service makes the Manbat/VARTA partnership a formidable aftermarket team.


VARTA Black Dynamic

The range starts with the Black Dynamic, which offers a reliable and trustworthy choice for the standard car with typical energy requirements. It is competitively priced and includes Labyrinth lid technology, which provides safe gas discharge and is more resistant to leaks for an extra safe and maintenance free battery. In common with the rest of the Dynamic range, the Black contains PowerFrame® grid plates, which deliver extremely efficient energy transfer and therefore, reliable cold cranking power and long-term performance. This comprehensive range comes in 40Ah to 90Ah capacities and is ideal for smaller cars.


VARTA Blue Dynamic

The Blue Dynamic ups the game by refining extra starting power for dependable performance over a longer time period. Available from 40Ah to 95Ah capacity, the Blue Dynamic benefits from a clean manufacturing process, which uses 20% less energy and causes 20% less air pollution, making it a particularly environmentally friendly choice.


VARTA Silver Dynamic

The top of the range Silver Dynamic provides extra power and premium performance, with exceptional starting power that meets the toughest energy demands without compromise. Available in capacities from 52Ah to 110Ah and incorporating its renowned expertise with the latest technology, VARTA has been able to produce a battery that provides the ultimate solution for vehicles with high power demands.


The Start-Stop Solution

For vehicles that incorporate a start-stop function (micro-hybrids), which since last year, make up the bulk of Europe’s automotive production, VARTA has two additional batteries in the Dynamic range; the Blue Dynamic EFB, which provides the ideal solution for small to medium sized start-stop enabled cars without regenerative braking technology and the Silver Dynamic AGM, that delivers exceptional performance for the most powerful and highly equipped start-stop enabled cars.


In detail, the Blue Dynamic EFB (enhanced flooded battery) is specially designed to manage the stresses associated with continuous discharge and recharge cycles of the engine. The battery delivers a consistently elevated performance for highly equipped cars and produces twice the extended cycle life compared to a conventional battery, which is suitable for cars with higher than normal energy demands and entry level start-stop enabled cars.


The absorbent glass mat (AGM) technology incorporated into the Silver Dynamic AGM, is designed to allow it to handle the rigorous electrical loads required in cars that include premium features such as regenerative braking. The battery delivers exceptional performance due to its internal material, which is permeable and holds the battery’s acid like a sponge to ensure constant contact between the plates and the absorbed electrolyte. The battery offers up to three times the extended cycle life compared to a conventional battery and is also designed to ensure the battery will not leak, even in the unlikely circumstance the battery case is broken.


Alongside quality products, outstanding customer service and unrivalled availability, Manbat also offers a refined scrap battery service. The package includes scrap storage bins, regular collections and the complete recycling process, as well as help with setting up the initial paperwork to ensure the legal waste disposal requirements are fully satisfied.

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